Thursday, October 2, 2014

Book Club Thursday: Is Paranormal Dead?

It's Book Club Thursday. And it's October. It's time of the year when the leaves are turning in the fall, you're craving candy corn and pumpkin pie and we start to think of the upcoming Holiday season. Our  thoughts for the next big holiday at BCT are Halloween and all things paranormal. Join my fellow bloggers and I as we share our paranormal theme for this October.

     So do you think that paranormal is dead? For me, I think not. All romance genres run in cycles. Paranormal might be slowing down some, especially by the main print publishers, but there is just something so intriguing about the paranormal romance genre. There are fewer boundaries to be had in a paranormal suspense story. What works well here would never fly in a regular suspense tale.

 Over a decade ago I was reading a lot of historicals, mostly set in the south or the old west and a favorite author of mine was Linda Lael Miller. She had some great stories like Fletcher's Woman and Corbin's Fancy. Being a fan, I read a lot of her back list and she had some time-travel stories as well. Then I discovered that she wrote something different, a vampire romance called Forever And The Night. Needless to say, I was hooked. Romances with vampires? I had to go the the horror section to read about vampires previously. She had a quartet of books with vamps, angels, and a male witch. Could you ever forget a vampire named Valerian with lavender eyes? Not me.

     Then the hunt was on and it was pretty hard to find more, but they were trickling out there. Cheri Scotch had a werewolf trilogy. Silhouette category romances had The Silhouette Shadows line with authors like Maggie Shayne, Kathleen Korbel, Anne Stuart and Heather Graham. 

     Since then, I haven't had any problems finding things paranormal and there are so many different creatures to choose from. Djinn, shifters of any kind, angels, demons, witches, the Fae, even a ghoul or too. And if creatures aren't for you, there are plenty of ghosts romances and psychic stories to get your fill.

     The paranormal genre has also created superstars like Christine Feehan, J R Ward, Nalini Singh, Sherrilyn Kenyon and more. Already a superstar, Nora Roberts has also added her stamp with time travel, witches, and celtic vamps.

     So no, I don't think the paranormal genre is dead. So many authors have series, and most of the series are successful and continuing year after year. If you check Barnes & Noble and Amazon, you see that there is a never-ending explosion of shifter books out there, including small press and indies as well as old favorites. We humans love things that go bump in the night, especially if he might be your future mate. Fangs can be sexy!


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I hope you enjoyed this weeks topic. What do you think on this weeks topic. And don't forget to visit my friends blogs to see how they view things.
     Next week, October 9th, we are having a free day. We are each picking something different in the paranormal world. Join us then.


  1. I don't think it will ever be totally dead. I just think we've all taken a slight break. I couldn't see myself living without reading some of my favorite paranormal authors.

    1. I don't either. I wouldn't mind some stand alone paranormals, though. So many series!

  2. A break. That's spot on Ann! And oh....I forgot time travel! How I loved those! Now I want to read one! Lol