Thursday, January 16, 2014

Book Club Thursday-Authors We Miss

     We all have them. Favorite authors that we love to read, reread, pre-order...You get the picture. There are just some authors that can touch our hearts and minds more than others. Their talent  take us to places far away, they scare us, make us laugh or cry, and finally bring us characters that we admire and ultimately fall in love with.  We love their stories so much that the author becomes a friend. But time moves on and sometimes we can't find their books anymore. Some authors change genres, some retire, and sadly some pass away.
     This week on Book Club Thursday my fellow bloggers and I have picked a topic and we are calling it We Miss You. I hope you enjoy our topic and I hope you will join each of us and share with some of your favorite authors that you haven't heard from in a while in the comment section below.

Romancing the Readers-Ann

Born To Read Books- Cyndi

One of the authors I really miss: Beverly Barton

book cover of 

Faith, Hope and Love 

                                                                          book cover of 

Grace Under Fire 


Beverly is a long time favorite of mine. She used to write category romances for Harlequin/Silhouette starting with the Desire line and became a superstar at the Intimate Moments line with her romantic suspense stories and the popular The Protectors series. Eventually she went mass market and wrote some fantastic romantic suspense tales especially the "Griffin Powell Agency" series.

I always said that if I became a writer, I would like to write like her. From the south, she gave us sexy alpha males and strong, sassy heroines. And her villains-Crazy and Creepy! Sadly, Ms Barton passed away in April 2011. And she is truly missed.

You can still find her books in used book stores and many are becoming ebooks. If you like authors like Lisa Jackson, Linda Howard, Lisa Gardner, etc. then you will enjoy her romantic suspense tales as well.

I can't wait to see who my friends have picked as their We Miss You author. I hope you will let us know one of yours, too. See you next week on Book Club Thursday!


  1. I miss her too. I can't even bring myself to reading the books of hers I have on my shelf because then it would be over. Silly I know. Good pick!

  2. I have some of her earlier books I haven't read yet. Not silly at all. Love and miss her.

  3. I agree with Ann. Its hard to read the books I have by her that I haven't because..... Gone too soon.