Thursday, August 3, 2017

Book Club Thursday: Remember When 8/3/17

Hi Readers! Welcome and thank you for joining my friends and I for this weeks BCT. This week is our feature-REMEMBER WHEN. It is each of us taking a nostalgic look at something from our reading pasts.

REMEMBER WHEN: I discovered my first paranormal romance.

 By Linda Lael Miller
Published 1993
Berkley Publishing 

As senator's aide Neely Wallace becomes closer to charming and reclusive millionaire Aidan Tremayne, she discovers the dark secret that Aidan has been living with for centuries--that he is a vampire.

Neely Wallace thought she had found the perfect lover. Aidan Tremayne was both angel and devil, as tender and sensitive as he was powerfully erotic. Then she learned the secret that tormented his soul. . . Aidan was cursed with the dark gift of immortality. His passion for a mortal woman was forbidden, a reckless temptation that fired the hunger within . . . and threatened to destroy them both.
Neely Wallace is a wanted woman-wanted by those who would do her harm. She's uncovered damning evidence against her boss, a powerful U.S. senator, implicating him in mob and drug activity. To lie low, Neely retreats to family in New England. While out trick-or-treating with her nephew, Neely knocks on the door of a nearby mansion, and fate-in the form of charming and reclusive Aidan Tremayne-answers the door. Aidan Tremayne has a secret. He's been living with it for centuries, and he's hated every second of it. He yearns for the day when he can walk in light of day and return to the land of the living. When Aiden meets the beautiful, funny, intelligent, human stranger, suddenly his longing has a name: Neely Wallace. Sucked in by blood-pumping romance and bitten with blood-curdling intrigue, the two lovers are faced with challenges and enemies from both sides of the veil between the living and the dead as they navigate the twisting road toward a shared-and mortal-life.

FOREVER AND THE NIGHT was the book that got me hooked on paranormal. Released in 1993, I didn't discover it until 1998 when it was reissued. I was already a fan of Linda Lael Miller, she had some wonderful historical romances as well as contemporary romance and category romances. 

     I was quite surprised that someone would write a romance making a vampire the hero. It never occurred to me and vampires always were in horror movies in my mind. Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, etc. This four book series not only had vamps, but there were angels, demons, and a male witch. Yes there is a difference between a male witch and a warlock.

     Neeley is on the run and meets the mysterious Aiden, a sexy and reclusive millionaire. They end up on the run from human and paranormal beings. The story had pretty good action and Aiden could sure get sexy sometimes. He was pretty sensual with his vampire mind sex. There was a lot of action and the ending was a different surprise.

     The one thing that was a bit of a downer was that Aidan wasn't happy being a vampire. He was turned against his will and longed for daylight again. Now his sister Maeve embraced being a vamp and her book is the second book, FOR ALL ETERNITY. Be still my heart, there is also Aiden's best friend Valerian, another mysterious vamp with lavender colored eyes. Alas, the male witch, Thomas, never received his own book because the publisher didn't think that the paranormal romances had a big enough audience. Foolish mortals, they haven't seen the amount of vamps and shifter stories inside my Kindle!

Once I read Ms Miller's vamp series, I was hooked. I discovered another vampire series by author Lori Herter, some hard to find werewolf romances by Cheri Scotch and also, there was the Silhouette Shadows paranormal line. I am so glad that other authors and readers were hooked, because there are tons of paranormal romances to choose from today. I love that Ms. Miller thought outside the box and created something that I still love all these years later.

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  1. I loved this book, but it's actually the next one in the series that's my favorite and probably one of my favorite paranormals ever

    1. I remember that one, his sister Maeve's story.

  2. This is such a good series! I remember us talking about them back in the day!

    1. Yes we did! I still wish the witch had his story. Loved Valerian. :)