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Primrose Lane Blog Tour! Read Review & Excerpt For the Latest Harmony Harbor Novel by Debbie Mason

 Debbie Mason
 Harmony Harbor, #3
On Sale: June 27, 2017
Publisher: Forever
Mass Market: $7.99 USD
eBook: $5.99 USD

Olivia Davenport has finally gotten her life back together. She's left her painful past behind, started over in a new town, and become Harmony Harbor's most sought-after event planner. But her past catches up to her when Olivia learns that she's now guardian of her ex's young daughter. With her world spinning, Olivia must reconcile her old life with her new one. And she doesn't have time for her new next door neighbor, no matter how handsome he is.

Olivia may act like she's got everything under control, but Dr. Finn Gallagher knows a person in over her head when he sees one. He'd really like to be the shoulder she leans on, but Olivia makes it clear she doesn't want his help. Since he's returned to town, his waiting room has been full of single women feigning illness. Yet the one woman he's interested in is avoiding him. But with a little help from some matchmaking widows and a precocious little girl, Finn might just win Olivia over.

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How do I love thee...

That's an easy question to answer when you read a romance by Debbie Mason! She delivers another great entry to the Harmony Harbor series. In PRIMROSE LANE her talented hand paints a portrait of a couple who shouldn't work, but somehow do-Dr. Finn Gallagher and the mysterious event planner Dana.
     Finn is in Harmony Bay to recuperate from injuries he received overseas with DOB. He resents being back and signs on to take patients in town. Dana has come through for his family many times and it turns out that she is really Olivia Davenport, a wealthy socialite. 
     In the beginning of the book, you wonder what bug was up Finn's butt with the way he  first treated Olivia. He was so judgmental that you want to smack him upside the head. When he realizes that she is truly hurting he begins to discover what is underneath the surface from a woman who begins to invade his mind. Then he tries to rescue her, but manages to mess that up...a lot! But that gives you a glimpse of the real man and his good heart hiding behind his surly facade.
      At times the story is like a good slap-stick comedy and had me laughing out loud. And other times it had me nearly in tears as Dana/Olivia's backstory comes to life. She has suffered so much loss, but she came to town to start a new life. She was so generous and efficient that nobody looked beneath the mask she had in place. How could you not feel her anguish when another gigantic challenge came to town in the form of a little girl named George?
       As usual, you get to enjoy the things that make Harmony Harbor an enjoyable place to visit. Mason's town is a roller coaster of humor, suspense, family, and romance. PRIMROSE LANE is an emotional and thoughtful small-town romance written with a lot of heart. I love the feuding grandmothers, the wonderful cast of characters, and the ghostly thread woven through each story. It was a rocky road, but Finn and Olivia's romantic HEA was worth the bumps. No one writes heartfelt small town romance like Debbie Mason and I always count the days until the next book!

Dana leaned down to scoop her phone off the ground. No sooner had she picked it up than it rang. She recognized the number. Her finger trembled when she rejected the call. She should answer and get it over with. It might be something as simple as sending her copies of her divorce papers. But she didn’t believe that was all her lawyer wanted. Because every time she saw his number, the small hairs on the back of her neck stood on end, and she was overcome by a heavy sense of foreboding.
Strong fingers closed around her wrist. “Dana, relax. Take slow, even breaths or you’ll hyperventilate. That’s a girl,” Finn said when she did as he suggested, his other hand going to the nape of her neck. He gently massaged the tight muscles there, murmuring his encouragement as she got herself under control. There was no judgment in his voice. Just kindness and concern.
She’d heard Finn was well loved and respected by the people he served with Doctors Without Borders. She now had a better understanding why. Leaning against him, she was enveloped by the strength and warmth of his body and the seductive scent of his cologne.
Thank you.” She self-consciously pulled away. “We should probably get going. I have to be back at the manor by two to get organized for the children’s craft session. They’re going to paint flowerpots for their mothers. I was going to use pink tulips but your dog trampled them, so maybe I’ll go with hyacinths. I think there’ll be enough. They’re pretty, and they mean constant love and fertility. That should work, don’t you think?”
I have no idea what you're talking about. And not to be rude, but I really don’t care. What I do care about is who’s trying to contact you. It’s obvious that they frighten you, Dana. Why don’t you let me help?”
No, it’s not what you think. I’m fine, honestly.”
Sure you are, because perfectly fine people have panic attacks when they get a call in the middle of the afternoon, take too many sleeping pills, and wear a disguise. Come on, what do you take me for? At least do me the courtesy of being honest.”
All she could do was blink up at him, the warm feelings of moments ago shriveling up in response to his Arctic-cold words. She’d been right the day she met him. He probably did have a God complex. He might be ten years younger than her ex-husband, but he was just as sanctimonious and judgmental.





Debbie Mason is the USA Today bestselling author of the Christmas, Colorado series. Her books have been praised for their "likable characters, clever dialogue, and juicy plots" (RT Book Reviews). When she isn't writing or reading, Debbie enjoys spending time with her very own real-life hero, their four wonderful children, two adorable grandbabies, and a yappy Yorkie named Bella.



  1. He was a little hard on her in the beginning. Then even when he tried kept messing up. Nice review.

    1. He was! I am so glad it all worked with a good mix of sad and funny.