Thursday, July 6, 2017

Book Club Thursday:Remember When July 2017

Hi Readers! I hope you are staying cool thru the dog days of summer! Thanks for stopping by and joining us for this weeks Book Club Thursday. We are writing our monthly REMEMBER WHEN theme for July.
     It is not always easy to think of something to select for the Remember When theme, especially when we here at BCT have been reading for so long. So I was going through my blog calendar notes and photos. We recently had our Cover Talk theme, so you can say that my Remember When is a spin-off of Cover Talk.

Remember When Cartoon Covers Were Popular?

Covers are the first glimpse of what is inside of the covers of a book. They can be spooky, they can be romantic, they can be hot and sexy. Right now, "torso" covers of studly men with six packs bared are very popular as are "home in the country" books. Their covers show a cabin or farmhouse in the distance with mountains, fields, or the sea as a background. 
     Back in the late 90's and early 2000's, cartoon covers were quite popular in contemporary romance and paranormal romance as well. They were cute and light-hearted especially for authors who had a lot of humor in their stories. Not everyone liked this trend, publishers control the covers for most authors. I remember one author offered two versions of her cover-one a hunky SEAL and the other looked like a manic Robin Hood. Needless to say, the SEAL won.
     I liked the covers for the most part. They caught your eye and conveyed that the story was romantic and funny,or, in the case of cozy mysteries, a bit quirky. I don't see any of these working for more serious thriller type stories. 
     So what about you? Do you like the old cartoon covers or are you glad they aren't around much anymore?

Contemporary Romance

One of the first that I remember. Originally published in 1998

Sports Themed Romance

Paranormal Romance

Mystery and Cozy Mysteries

Yes, the first Sookie Stackhouse books were labeled as Mystery. If you blow the picture up you will notice that the vampire Bill's fang is peeking out of his mouth over his collar.

Cozy mysteries come in regular and paranormal. They are still using the animated style and most have a dog or cat on the cover and some creative titles!

July 13th- Clearing Off The Bookshelves


  1. As long as the cover FITS the book it's okay by me, but I admit to a fondness for those cute cartoon covers. Lol

  2. Those were the days! I really liked these covers. They were so much fun!

    1. I always liked them,too. I remember them more than other book covers.