Thursday, June 22, 2017

Book Club Thursday:Reading Challenge June 2017

Hi Readers! I can't believe that it is summer and that we are halfway thru 2017. Thanks for joining us this week. Today, Ann, Cyndi and I at BCT are sharing our monthly Reading Challenge. We have three lists to choose from. Easy, Tricky, and Super Tricky. 
     This month I chose a title from the Tricky List.


Read a book published before 2010
Read a book with a wedding
Read a book published in the month (not year) you were born
Working Girls 
Read a book set in your home state
Read a book that includes nature on the cover 
Read a book with a cover that you really don’t like (ugly)
Read a book you once gave up on
Read a book with a clever title
Read a book that takes place in Winter
Read a book set during a Holiday
Read a book set in/around New Orleans
Read a book with a “Food” word in the title
Read a book that includes a food item on the cover
Read a book with a seasonal word in the title

My Pick:Read a book with a seasonal word in the title

     Christmas was always kindergarten teacher Kelli Carpenter’s favorite time of year—until last Christmas when Cole Douchett broke her heart by proposing to another woman. The fact that the engagement fell apart four months later was cold comfort. Now the marine is once again stateside in their Oregon coastal hometown, Shelter Bay, and Kelli is determined to avoid him. So when her family suggests a cabin up at Rainbow Lake, it sounds like the perfect escape plan.
    Cole always thought of Kelli as his best friend’s kid sister, but now that he’s back home, it’s clear she’s all grown up. Even in a silly Christmas sweater directing the kindergarten play, she’s a knockout. But after her baffling behavior last year, she’s giving him the cold shoulder. Unbeknownst to Cole and Kelli, their families contrive to do some matchmaking, and the two find themselves sharing a snowbound cabin—where things really heat up...

Well, you can't get more seasonal than Christmas. When the weather gets hot, I like to pick a few Christmas stories that I didn't get to in the holiday season. I have been a Ross fan ever since her category romance days. Her Shelter Bay stories are some of my favorite small town romances and feature the Douchett family including J T and Sax. This is their brother Cole's story and he has appeared in her High Risk series. All of the brothers have served in the military.
     Kelli has had a crush on Cole since she was seven years old. Cole began to notice the changes in Kelli when she was a teenager, but her brother and also Cole's best friend warned him off. He is eight years older and in the military, so he respected his friend's wishes.
      Now that she is an adult, she still daydreamed about Cole, but he broke her heart the previous year by proposing to another woman. This year, Kelli is avoiding Cole, even if his engagement is off. It's time to move on.
     I love the brother warning off his best friend trope and I also love when interfering family and friends conspire to get a couple together. This time, family gets Kelli and Cole to get trapped in a cabin together, each not knowing that the other is there as well. What happens is a sweet and sexy connection between a couple that was always meant to be together during the magic of the Christmas season. This is a perfect little comfort read for a cozy evening.

This novella was originally published as an e-book in 2013. It is also available in print in an anthology CHRISTMAS ON MAIN STREET featuring three other authors.

June 29th- BCT Joint Review


  1. Sounds like a cute charming story, however for me I'm not always a fan of that trope (notice I said not always) lol

    1. It is a cute story. A cajun in the Pacific Northwest!

  2. I really enjoy her books. I'm slightly behind on them. Glad to see she's got a new series coming out next year. Maybe this time I can keep up.

    1. She self-published the last few books in the series and they are trade. I always liked her, too.