Thursday, May 4, 2017

Book Club Thursday: Remember When, May 2017

Hi Readers! Thanks for stopping by for this weeks Book Club Thursday. This week is our tie to REMEMBER WHEN where my fellow bloggers and BFFs get nostalgic about books and reading.

REMEMBER WHEN: My love of books turned into Obsession and now I am a BOOKAHOLIC!

I've always been a reader as was my mom and grandmother. I remember the book fairs at school and my mom getting her orders in the mail from Doubleday. Then when I got older, my friends and I devoured books like SHANNA and category books from Mills and Boon Harlequins and MacFadden, plus the gothic novels of damsels in distress running through the forest dressed in long gowns while lightning flashed in the night sky. If there was a popular movie novelized like JAWS, I bought it.
     Things changed for a while after I became a mom. I read kids books to my three daughters, but I was too pooped to read a full novel for myself. Instead I read the daily newspaper and magazines with a few Stephen King books sneaking in.
      Then I watched a couple of movies like A & E's version of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and THE HORSE WHISPERER. Come on, Colin Firth and Robert Redford! My kids were a little older and I got back some more "me" time. So I dug out my copy of P&P and bought a copy of Whisperer and I was off and recharged.
      First I became a regular at Target and Kmart each week for new titles. They discounted books 25% so I saved a little money. Then a saw a little store near my house that sold used books. I never knew they did that.

Then I picked up the yellow pages to find more book stores. I found one five miles away where I met my fellow BCT bloggers and co-conspirators, Ann and Cyndi. We feed each other's addiction with our book finds still to this day. We met Ann at that new and used bookstore and ended up working there for years. There is also a book club that we have together with a couple of our customers. We pick a new book, share some dessert and other goodies, and one of the ladies makes brandy slushies. Ah, the good life.

     Now when you are a bookaholic, you need accessories:

A good notebook to write down the thousands of titles you need to buy, and reduces the number of duplicates you buy.

The tote bag to bring home your new stash.

A source for new titles. I loved receiving my RT magazine each month. It was a great source for all genres. Now it is in digital form only.

A good cup to hold your favorite beverage in while snuggling up for a night of reading.

A comfortable shirt or nightshirt to read in.

A good car and a full tank of gas for book signings and book conventions. Can you say  road trip. We found a bunch more used book stores and we had a great time making a day of book shopping.
Is 12 hours too long to travel for a book signing? Nah. Nora Roberts here we come. When the signing was local, the three of us were usually the first few people in the front of the line. We ladies are prompt!

Then you must buy book cases. Yes, plural. A few for your new books, a couple for your hardcovers. A Fancy glass doored KEEPER CASE for your favorite "Desert island" reread books. It also holds book lover paraphernalia like bookmarks, cover flats, ornaments, pens, pins, and other souvenirs from those book-signings. Then there are the 14 gallon containers to store the overflow of books read and unread. The books are safely nestled in the basement.
      I am sure that all three of us could each open our own bookstores. Yes, this can be an expensive hobby, but it is a true passion.

Well, I have been tempted to buy a few of these plates. They are on my wish list.

So I settled for this book lover adult coloring book, instead. It was a little more budget friendly. And I have a couple more on my wish list. Authors are starting to create them for some of their series. It's a good way to relax when you can't decide which book you want to read next.

So what's left?

      You start blogging about books!

So how do you celebrate your passion for reading. Let us here at BCT know and thanks for stopping by!

May 11th-Clearing Off The Bookshelves


  1. Nice post today. I probably could not name my first adult romance, but similar to you I credit my mom for my love of reading/romance too.

    1. I don't remember my exact first adult book either, but I have a memory from a friend at work recommending Woodiwiss novels. I know I bought books from the tv show Dark Shadows, my first vampire books.

  2. This is all so true. We do feed into each other and I have the many bookshelves to prove it. I spend as much free time as I can reading! Love your post this week!

    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun with it once the idea popped in a couple of days ago.