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Book Club Thursday: Clearing Off the Book Shelves February 2017


Hi Readers! I am so glad that you stopped by. This week, we are again attacking our huge TBR pile and CLEARING OFF THE BOOKSHELVES. This is where my buddies Ann, Cyndi and I read something that is at least six months old or older whether in print or e-book. 
     This month, I am choosing a prequel novella by author Rebecca York. It's entitled ON EDGE and starts off the Decorah Security series. I have been reading Ms York's books for years, ever since her suspense series for Harlequin Intrigue called 43 Light Street. She also wrote a good paranormal suspense series about werewolves, the Moon series. 

ON EDGE by Rebecca York
The Decorah series
Published January 18th, 2013
Light Street Publishing

From New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author, Rebecca York 

On Edge is a prequel to the Decorah Security series, 
Frank Decorah's story that so many readers asked for after meeting him in the first few Decorah books.

While in rehab at the Naval Medical Center, Navy SEAL Frank encounters two spirit women. One is a mind vampire, determined to suck the life out of patients in despair. The other is a guardian, fighting for their lives. After Frank helps her chase the vampire away, things get personal between the two of them. 

Hmm. I am kind of having mixed feelings with this one. It is a spin-off of her Moon series and I enjoyed the Marshall cousins who appear throughout this new Decorah series as well as new characters.
     The story is about Frank Decorah who will found the Decorah Security and sets up his story. Here, he is in a veteran's hospital recovering from the loss of a leg while overseas. One night, he hears the cries of a fellow vet and goes to his aid after no one seems to be rushing to help. There is an eerie green glow coming from the man's room and Frank uses his crutches to investigate and help. There is a woman hovering over the soldier trying to steal his life's essence making him want to die and she is responsible for putting the nurses to sleep. She is evil and a mind vampire. Frank tries to stop her and is no match for her, but another woman appears and saves the two men. 
     Days later, Frank waits each night hoping to find the second woman again. He later fights through a dream to find the beautiful woman who has been on his mind. In this realm, he is whole again and he and the woman named Ariel who is living a sheltered life when not fighting the mind vamps, begin to fall for each other. She is called a Guardian and helps those who are giving up on life.
     This is a little too insta-love for me but I usually let it slide in novellas. At times the writing was a little uneven and not as complex as her previous books. Frank had a personal thought of about two lines which I think should have been fleshed out because it leaves many questions about his past, yet another time there was a whole page long paragraph describing where the woman lived with colors and birds, etc. 
      All in all, I thought it was an okay story. I liked it enough to try one of the full size novels DARK MOON which came out two years before the prequel. I also want to see more of how Frank deals with his life on both sides of the realm with Ariel. Color me curious.

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This is an alternate cover. My guess it was changed was because some people thought that this series was straight special agent romantic suspense, when in fact it has paranormal elements. Which do you prefer?

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  1. I haven't read her in ages. Nice review.

  2. I haven't read her in ages. Nice review.

  3. I like both covers. I saw this series and wondered about it too. I also liked the Marshall cousins. Thanks for the review.