Thursday, November 24, 2016

Book Club Thursday:Reading Challenge

Hi Readers! Happy Thanksgiving and than you for stopping by and joining us this week for Book Club Thursday. This week, we each reviewed something for our November Reading Challenge.
     Here is the list of our challenges that we had to pick from:

 *Read a New Author to You
*Read a Book Published Prior to 2010
*Read a Novella
*Read a E-Book
*Read an Erotica
*Re-Read a Desert Island Book
*Read a Book With a Heroine that Has Your Name
*Read a Book You Bought For the Cover or Title Alone
*Read a Book Recommend by a Friend      
*Read a Guilty Pleasure Book
*Read a Pee In Your Pants Read
*Read a Feel Good Book

Read a Book That You Bought for the Cover or Title:

A BBW bunny shifter with a pony farm + a lonely bear shifter hunting a dangerous werewolf + a criminal werewolf pack causing trouble = one steamy springtime romance!

Curvy Lisa Wilson should be happy running her own farm. She gives happiness to the children who visit her ponies - but Lisa has no one to make her happy. When mysterious, sexy Desmond Brown needs a room, she's instantly attracted. But her heart's been broken before when she revealed that she was a rabbit shifter. Can Desmond still love her if he finds out that she turns into a bunny?

Bear shifter Desmond Brown hunts down shifter criminals. He's dedicated his life to this dangerous duty. Now he wants to finish one last job before he leaves the hunting life to search for a home and a mate for his bear. When fate leads him to Lisa's pony farm instead, his bear immediately recognizes his mate.

But when criminal werewolves close in on him, Desmond isn't the only one who's in danger. Can he protect his mate and her farm against an entire werewolf pack? And can Lisa learn to accept her bunny and follow her heart to save her beloved bear?

     In August I was downloading a few books and you know how they give you recommendations to other authors? I must have been looking for shifter stories when this recomend popped up. What can I say? Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! 
     So what drew me to this book? The title-THE EASTER BUNNY'S BEAR. The hero is a sexy bear, of course. But what drew my attention was that the heroine was a bunny shifter and had a farm where she raises ponies. 
     The story is a good blend of sweet romantic fluff, a hint of danger and suspense and of course a sexy, spicy connection. Lisa rents out a few rooms at her farm to families with children who would like to spend time with ponies. Her mother, playing matchmaker, snags her into renting a room to a male stranger. When Desmond shows up, Lisa can barely take her eyes off of  his big sexy brown eyes. The feeling is mutual. He tells her that he is there to relax and hike, but he is really there as an enforcer to capture wolf shifters that are dangerous and may be heading to the area.
      Desmond is a sweetheart and is rethinking his future. He has been catching criminals shifters for years and is lonely. He and Lisa hit it off and he is good with the kids that visit the farm. There are a lot of fun moments and they heat up to spicy as they get to know each other. Along the way, Lisa begins to grow and enjoy her inner bunny. She never really thought that her shifter animal was all that, but learns to appreciate her when she and Desmond are endangered by the deadly pack of shifters.
     There were a few mistakes in the book such as Desmond saying he was an only child whose parents  lived far away, but two pages later he said he enjoyed playing with his nieces and nephews. And it's never explained how two shifters didn't recognize that the other was a shifter, too. Since this is a shorter story, I didn't let that deter in my enjoyment of the story. This is the first time that I read anything by Zoe Chant, but I wouldn't mind reading her again. And this was the first of four books and his fellow enforcers were a lion, a jaguar, and a silver wolf and were mentioned at the end of the story. I thought that this was a fun story to read in one evening, and I enjoyed the main characters Desmond and Lisa.

Thanks for joining us this week. I hope you stop by again next week, December 1st, as we share our final month of 2016 with you as we wrap up another year here at BCT.  And don't forget to see what my fellow members had to say this week. Until next week, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Reading!