Thursday, November 10, 2016

Book Club Thursday:Free Day for November

Hi Readers! It's time for Book Club Thursday and our monthly Free Day. This is where my fellow members and I blog about anything we want for the club that week.
     For myself, this week I am going to share the life of a Bookworm. I bet you share some of these bookworm traits.

Your TBR pile is in more than one room in the house. You probably have more than a couple of bookcases too.

I collect book lover memes for a page on my Pinterest

I am a member of a book club with my fellow bloggers and some other friends.

I collect booklover items. I have hat boxes and shoe boxes filled with bookmarks and promo from authors. My bookcases have book related  knick knacks. I have pillows and totes and nightshirts that have books on them. Autographed copies are in my keeper bookcases and never lent out except to a very few. Sorry, mom!

At Christmas, my village has more libraries and book shops than most across the nation. My family tries to keep me away from the Christmas villages in stores where I am searching for more, but I give them sad puppy eyes and they usually cave.

These plates are definitely on my wishlist.

Now that it's holiday time, my friends and I are thinking "crafting". What's better than give old unwanted books new life by repurposing them? I know some die hard book lovers cringe, but I love book crafts.

And finally, I swear that I am going to do this someday!

I hope you enjoyed my take on Free Day this week. I had a lot of fun with it and with collecting all of my goodies over the years. Let us know what you thought and share some of your bookworm ideas!  We bookworms have to stick together. Join us here next week, November 17th, when we are Catching Up With author Lori Foster.  
     Now let's see what Ann and Cyndi had on their minds this week!

Born to Read Books-Cyndi  *

*Cyndi is having a fun contest this week and I hope that you will stop by and check it out.


  1. I WANT TO MAKE THAT LAMPSHADE (finally) it was on my list to do last year (for some BFF's for Christmas...but we know how that worked out! LOL)

    1. There are so many fun projects, aren't there?

  2. Nice post today. I love doing new things with old things you have around the house. Crafting with books is fun!

    1. Thanks. You got me in a crafting state of mind.