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Christmas, Colorado #5
Debbie Mason
Releasing Sept 29th, 2015
Forever Romance

Surviving the holidays will take a Christmas miracle . . .

Ex-cop Cat O'Connor is bored working for her sister, Chloe, as a personal assistant on the set of her soap opera. Until Chloe gets an opportunity to audition for the role of a lifetime and asks her identical twin to substitute for her on the soap with no one the wiser. It's a perfect switch-until Cat attracts the attention of the mysterious Mr. Tall, Dark, and Way-too-handsome leading man.

Grayson Alexander never thought being snowbound in the charming town of Christmas, Colorado, for the holiday would get so hot. But between working with sexy, tough Cat on set and keeping his real reason for being there under wraps, he's definitely feeling the heat. And if there's one thing they'll learn as they bring out the mistletoe, it's that in this town, true love is always in season.

My Review:

Well we are jumping the gun here a little, it's almost October and yet I'm reviewing a Christmas story. Let's just say it's a sneak peak of the Christmas Holiday season. And with SNOWBOUND AT CHRISTMAS, we are off to a great start!
     This is book #5 in the series and is Cat O'Connor's turn to find romance. Cat is an ex-cop who now is the personal assistant to her twin sister Chloe, a soap opera star. The story has a dash of mystery as it seems someone wants to kill Chloe. Soon after an accident on the set, The twins meet Grayson who will be joining the cast.
     This fun story has lots of fun, sometimes wacky characters and people aren't always who they seem. I love the chemistry between Cat and Grayson, but Grayson has a secret. Cat has the loyalty and patience of a saint. She really needs it in dealings with her twin. Chloe is spoiled, mean, bratty, and as a reader, I never wanted to choke a fictional character more in my life! And then she sets her eyes on Grayson...
     All in all, this story is a fun, light-hearted read set in the charming town of Christmas. And Christmas in Christmas brings a wonderful romance that will warm your heart. It also leaves a few questions. Who is trying to kill Chloe? What is Grayson's secret?  Which sister will Grayson choose? Tune in September 29th and pick up your copy of SNOWBOUND AT CHRISTMAS!


Excerpt #3
Cat and his lordship did a weird little dance as they both tried to get out of the closet at the same time. Obviously he was just as anxious to end their forced confinement. She shoved him. "Go, go."
            "That was close," he said as he exited the closet, straightening his jacket. "Whatever did you say to her?"
            "It doesn't matter. What were you doing here?"
            He scratched the back of his neck, a splash of color deepening the tanned skin at his cheeks. "I thought it was my dressing room. Phil pointed me in this direction."
            "Molly's name is on the door."
            "Which was unlocked as Phil informed me it would be. So I assumed--"
            "If it was an honest mistake, why didn't you say as much to Molly instead of hiding in the closet?"
            "You mean the closet you were occupying at the time?"
            Annoyed by the way her stomach fluttered in reaction to that smooth, accented voice, Cat headed for the door. "Not that it's any of your business, but I was looking for Chloe's favorite pair of Louboutins. She thinks Molly stole them."
            "Ah, well, I can understand the need for skulking about then. Did you find them?"
            Opening the door, she peeked into the hall to make sure no one was around. "No, I didn't. What about you? Did you find what you were looking for?" she asked casually, hoping to trip him up.
             "As I was in the wrong dressing room, no, I did not. Perhaps you could direct me. I'd prefer not to bother Phil again." He joined her in the hall, his hands in his pockets.
            "Sorry, no idea. But you might want to return whatever you stole from Molly's dressing room." She nodded through the open door at the coffee table.
            "Kit Kat, you wound me. I am not a thief."
            She closed the door. "Not buying it, your lordship. I saw you put something in your pocket."
            He removed his hands and raised his arms. "Check for yourself." There was a challenge in his eyes, one that was at odds with his relaxed demeanor.
            So she took him up on it and searched the pockets of his jacket. When she found nothing but a piece of lint, she patted him down. Fighting an urge to kick herself when her hands skimmed over his hard-muscled torso.
            "You're very good at this. One would almost think you were an officer of the law."
            "Been patted down before, your lordship?"
            "Well, there was this delicious--"
            "Sharing's overrated. You can keep that little tidbit to yourself." She held up the teabags she discovered in the inner pocket of his jacket. They weren't exactly incriminating, but still . . .

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Debbie Mason is the bestselling author of the Christmas, Colorado series. Her books have been praised for their "likable characters, clever dialogue and juicy plots" (RT Book Reviews). She also writes historical paranormals as Debbie Mazzuca. Her MacLeod series has received several nominations for best paranormal as well as a Holt Medallion Award of Merit. When she isn't writing or reading, Debbie enjoys spending time with her very own real-life hero, their four wonderful children, an adorable grandbaby, and a yappy Yorkie named Bella.

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  1. I very much enjoyed this book. I had a huge issue with Chloe too. She was a real downer in the book but also made you like Cat and feel for her even more. Nice review.

  2. I'd rather have Cat for a sister than Chloe! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thank you for hosting SNOWBOUND AT CHRISTMAS