Thursday, June 4, 2015

Book Club Thursday:Authors- We Miss You.

     Hi Everyone and welcome to this weeks BCT. This week we are having a theme: Authors We Miss. Thank you for joining us this week.
     It happens to us all. First it is one book and then two, possibly another. And the TBR pile gets larger. Then you notice that you haven't read Nora's latest hard-cover yet or you've fallen three books behind on Jennifer Ashley's "MacKenzie" historicals.

Christine Feehan

Heather Graham                      Jennifer Ashley
Nora Roberts

                                               Nora Roberts AKA J D Robb

     Why do fall behind on our favorite authors? There are a few reasons. There are so many authors out there now battling for our time and money. The super talented authors I have pictured are all quite prolific and put out quite a few books out each year. They also have multiple series running. We can't wait to read there stories. Except we do.
     Part of the problem is with the publishers. It's easy to wait for one stand alone hardcover of an author who writes one book a year. What is hard here is that the publishing industry has made it harder to keep up. These women have multiple series running. The IN DEATH series by J D Robb has been running since 1997 and somewhere in the middle of the series they went hardcover. With Graham's Krewe Of Hunter's you have the first of a block of four books in hardcover and the next three in paperback. If a reader can't afford the HC, then she has to wait over a year to read the set and is now four books behind. Guess what? The next HC is coming out. Can we say  frustrating?
     I don't begrudge an author getting her due. Going hardcover is like a promotion. Nora has dealt with her publishers and tried to have something for all her fans, HC, trade size and mass market paperback. It doesn't feel right sometimes that fans who have been with an author since their first paperback have to wait up to two years for the next mass market book in a series. Yes, the publishers again. Instead of the paperback coming out a year after the HC, some pubs are instead throwing out the trade version first. Sigh. A two year wait. When you are a voracious reader like myself and my friends, you have to fill in the gap by reading other authors, not that that is a chore. There are lots of wonderful authors out there. It's sad though that now you are losing track of some of authors you have loved for years. And you do miss them.
     Thanks for stopping by this week. Tell us at BCT how you feel on this weeks theme. I wonder what they talked about. Come back again next week, June 11th, when my friends and I our sharing our June Reading Challenge picks.



  1. I'm behind on so many authors. To many to count.

    1. Me too! I just remember how we couldn't wait to read them.

  2. I could stop buying books(yeah like that would ever happen!!!) and I'd have enough for forever and a day~ LOL