Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Suspense Anyone? Look At What I'll Be Reading!

Hi Readers. 
     I love suspense stories, don't you? Here is a quick look at one of the books I will be reviewing soon: CURVEBALL by Teresa Michaels. It's Book 1 in a brand new series. I hope you will join me next week, Wednesday May 27th when I post the review.

What's In The Book:

Breanne Sullivan’s world has been turned upside down. In the midst of an investigation surrounding her husband, Breanne returns to the corporate world she left years ago to raise her children. Now, a required business trip places her on Innovation Airways’ maiden flight sitting next to pitching sensation and self-proclaimed bachelor, Drew Scott.

Drew is charismatic, devastatingly handsome and has never encountered a woman he couldn’t have. That is, until he meets Breanne, whose attempts to deny the intense attraction they share only fuels Drew’s determination not to take no for an answer. But when the flight veers off-course and an unfathomable sequence of events forces them to rely on each other in a race for their lives, intentions quickly change. High-tech travel turns into a game of survival that invites temptation and threatens to push their desires over the edge.

He’s a tempting distraction she has to resist. She’s an unexpected challenge he’s determined to have at least once. The question is, if she gives in will he be able to let her go?

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