Thursday, February 5, 2015

Book Club Thursday: Unmentionables!

Hi readers! Welcome back to this weeks BCT. I hope you join my fellow bloggers and I as we tackle this weeks top: UNMENTIONABLES. 
     It's hard in these modern times to think of anything that hasn't appeared in a novel. What would have been considered scandalous in the 1950's would probably draw a yawn in these "anything goes" times. Sure, some things are still earmarked for adults to protect children, but some of our modern storytelling  has just about anything no matter what the genre. Rape, incest, sex toys, sexual positions etc, we are hard pressed to find anything that we consider taboo anymore in most genres.
     Or do we?
     Readers like a good story and we want it to be believable. It doesn't necessarily have to go into heavy detail, but we humans have a lot of quirks. Some are gross like passing gas, stomach gurgles, or popping a zit. Our heroine who wears Christian Louboutin shoes would never have a zit before the charity ball. And some things are a daily ritual for most Americans. We shower tinkle,  shave and have a Brazilian wax in our books with just a quick mention, unless its a sex scene. But what about some other scenarios?

     It's something authors seem to be a little shy about writing this-- whether in historicals or contemporary times, but, WHERE IS THE BODY HAIR? Why is this one of the unmentionables? 
      I read a contemporary novel in the 90's where a group of people are stranded on an uninhabited island for some time. Of course there is the lead couple who meet on the plane and eventually become hot for each other and the heroine never once thinks of the hair growing on her legs and under her arms? Well, you can imagine she had a razor in her carry-on bag...if you must.  And don't forget the tweezers. We couldn't be too sexy with a uni-brow. 
     So what about the heroine who is running around the jungle with the hunky special- ops hero for weeks on end and doesn't even have a comb because the boat with her back pack flipped over in the rapids on the piranha laced river running away from the drug-cartel? Would it really be that bad for the author to mention that the hero tuned out the stubble on the heroines legs while doing the nasty because she felt embarrassed and couldn't get to the CVS for some Nair? I'm just wondering here. It's just a teeny little bit of reality. And don't get me started on grooming during the Regency era. They didn't talk too much about personal stuff back then and I've never read a historical where the author  brings up more than a bath. Heck, the sex instruction from dear mama were to stare at the ceiling and think of England. Oh, those poor virgin brides.
      I had a lot of fun this week with our quirky little topic. I just find it funny that we can talk about this with a small group of friends about this, but wide-scale, it just doesn't happen. Well maybe on Dr. Oz.  Curious minds...
      So what are some of your unmentionables? Something that kept you wondering about it or left you scratching your head, perhaps. We love hearing from you.

     Don't forget to join us next week, February 12th when we return and pick something for this month's Reading Challenge. See you then!


  1. Yeah you would think she'd once think about the hair growing on her legs. Hell, the underarm hair would be the worst. Funny!

  2. We girls are into those important things,lol.