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Book Club Thursday: He Does What Again? January 1st, 2015

Happy New Year everyone, and Welcome to BCT's first blog of 2015. We are calling it: He Does What Again? aka Not Another Billionaire! 
     Do you ever get tired of the same old careers when reading your romance story, no matter what the genre? Tell us your thoughts to this weeks topic, and don't forget to visit my fellow BCT bloggers to see what they have to say.

     OK, call me a snob, but what is with all the "billionaire" stories by writers now? Millionaires aren't enough anymore. I checked Goodreads and there were 186 PAGES of titles about billionaires and tycoons. It's not like I mind reading about a wealthy man- once in a while: a rock star or movie hero, a sexy guy who starts his own company from nothing, or even a man who inherits money from a long line of men in the family business but has the smarts to keep the company going. After all, in J D Robb's futuristic romantic suspense In Death series the hero Roarke owns most of New York City and his own vacation planet and it's still fun. But there is something (to me) that is a big turn off of a man with so much money that makes it hard to suspend my beliefs when he starts pursuing the girl-next-door first grade teacher. I guess tabloid journalism has made me too jaded that I find it hard to believe in this kind of couples' happily-ever-after. Wives and families are disposable and I find it hard to believe someone like that isn't spoiled and all about power. I know a good writer can make it happen, but I personally don't usually seek this kind of romance out.

So like I said, there are a few good ones out there written by a good writer, Jessica Bird. You might know her as J R Ward.

Take-no-prisoners deal-maker Sean O'Banyon ate Wall Street financiers for lunch. So why was he losing sleep over a fresh-scrubbed nurse in old jeans and a too-big T-shirt? Maybe it was those warm green eyes. Or the way she blushed when he got personal. There was no denying the serious chemistry between them. But sooner or later Lizzie would learn his deep, dark secrets: First, he had trust issues. And second--he'd rather not go into the whole "family" thing. He didn't "do" relationships...but amazingly, Lizzie made him want one anyway.

     I know that there are a lot of careers out there  and the author has to make the hero exciting and sexy. But aren't there any besides businessmen, lawyers, doctors, rock stars, cowboys,cops, private investigators, detectives, or special ops? Hmm, I don't know, not that I haven't loved stories with all these careers. And with paranormal romance, one of my favorite genres, there are no boundaries. Pamela Clare even had me loving a senator in her first I TEAM novel- Extreme Exposure. I guess that I am challenging authors to come up with something new and fresh. I have read a couple of books where the hero was a former male prostitute, and they were thought provoking. What else? I read one with a sexy mailman. It was a cute short novel back in the nineties.
Special Delivery by Judith Hershner for Precious Gems (a division of Zebra sold by WalMart)

(Yes, I know the cover is terrible)

Bride-to-be Edwina Mason is busy preparing for her wedding day when she receives a special-delivery letter from her fiance. As planned, Charles is returning to Ohio following a year's fellowship at the Sorbonne -- with his new Parisian wife in town! So Edwina concocts a plan to even the score by passing off her handsome mailman, Add Rivers, as her husband!

Add can't help but feel responsible. After all, he was the one who delivered the letter that destroyed Edwina's happy future. But just maybe he can make things right again. In fact, he's looking forward to playing the part of Edwina's one true love. Convincing her insensitive clod of an ex-fiance of his passion for Edwina is the easy part. But can he convince Edwina?

     Well, that's my take on this weeks topic.We all have our prejudices and preferences. Maybe you have read something about a unique career for the hero. Please, share with us. It's not that these stories aren't good or exciting, it's just that I am craving something different from my favorite authors.
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  1. There does seem to be a lot of billionaires done lately. Nice post!