Thursday, November 6, 2014

Book Club Thursday for November 6th, 2014 You Wrote About What?

Welcome back to this week's edition of Book Club Thursday. Join my fellow bloggers and I as we share this weeks topic: You Wrote About What? Every book has a basic premise that is used time and time again. The secret baby, a stereotype villain, a second chance, etc, etc. All are tried and true bases of story writing. It is up to the author to make the premise succeed if they are to keep their audience. Are there any story lines that you detest? Or on the positive side, what are your favorites?

What I don't Like:
I really got bored with romantic suspense for a while. Must the villain always be the priest, the lawyer, the cop? There are a million occupations out there, but authors jump on these stereotypes. Even favorite author J D Robb wrote the cliche filled Salvation In Death,and I struggled thru it. Thankfully, that (to me) was the only clinker in an otherwise favorite series. Cynthia Eden and Maya Banks have some exciting suspense series out and C J Kyle is a new author that has a good suspense tale out in time for the holidays called Silent Night.

I love sports themed stories, and who doesn't dream of that super Alpha male? I know that heroes can come from a horrid background and can be a jerk to the woman who will eventually see thru the pain and heal his wounded heart. Unfortunately, timing is key, and if I don't see a glimpse of the great guy beneath the layers until near the end of the book, I'm gone. A jerk is a jerk and it makes the heroine look like a doormat to be treated poorly by the "hero".

What is with all the "Billionaire" books out there? Millionaire isn't enough? Not that some aren't well written and fun stories, but when the economy tanked a few years back and people lost their jobs, I really want to read about people with money to burn, NOT! Reverse snobbery, yes, but I find it unbelievable for a zillionaire to find love in a podunk town with the kindergarten teacher and her three legged dog. Only a few writers ever seem to make this work, the rest seem to be cookie-cutter to me.

Please save me from weeping heroines. I am not against crying, or tears, especially if warranted, but not on 250 pages out of 300. The same goes with heroines are hissing or pulling faces. Writers, there are more words out there...really.

What I do like:

Something original, of course. I love when an author takes an idea and runs with it. Erin Kellison has a series of novellas that deal with the public sharing dreams for recreation. Of course, there are those that want to take advantage.

I love the current crop of contemporary small-town romances. Susan Mallery, Mariah Stewart, Lori Wilde, Emma Cane,and Beth Ciotta are just a few authors who create places that I would love to be a part. Check out the Sweet, Texas series by Candis Terry and you will see what I mean. I love the Wilder brothers, and Jackson Wilder is the best dad and ex husband ever, JMO.

Last, but not least, I love paranormal, especially stories about shifters. You can suspend belief in these worlds. My favorite authors for these are Jennifer Ashley, Shelly Laurenston, and a new favorite, Vonnie Davis with her Scottish bear shifters. 



So what are cliches that you don't care for. Or what are your favorite story lines? I can't wait to see what my friends and fellow BCT members wrote about. Don't forget to check out their blogs, too. Don't forget to join us next week, November 13th, when we discuss Holiday Book Previews.

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  1. EEK! Weepy heroines!!!!! Not a fan. And I agree, serial killers too often come from only a few professions- enough is enough!