Thursday, October 23, 2014

Book Club Thursday: It's A Paranormal World!

     It's another edition of Book Club Thursday as my fellow book club bloggers and I continue our paranormal theme this month. This week, we are exploring out take of the paranormal world.
     I am a huge fan of the paranormal. Not just romances, but suspense and horror as well. Just ask my empty wallet. There are ghost, psychics, demons, djinn, and of course the big guys: vampires, werewolves and shifters. With paranormal, the author has few bounds and restrictions to hold them back. In a regular suspense story, you have to be believable. In paranormal, your imagination can run wild.
     There are so many paranormal series out there  and some have made superstars out of J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Larissa Ione and Christine Feehan. I love those Alpha bad boys! But, sometimes, I do need a break while my favorites are saving the world from the enemies below. So that's why I thought I would go back to a different paranormal romance subgenre, Paranormal Comedy.
     How could you not like a vampire who breaks a fang and needs a dentist? Or a sweet and sexy shifter who likes to play with honey? While there may be a dangerous rogue near by, the focus is mainly on the comedy.

This is one of my all time favorites. Take an uptight, ancient immortal vampire who strikes fear to the hearts of rogue vampires (and his own family)everywhere, and you have Lucian Argeneau. After losing his wife and children centuries before, he has lost most of his emotions until he meets the woman Leigh, a recently turned  "baby" vampire destined to be his mate. Don't tell his family that he is now vacuuming the bedroom while wearing an apron.

I loved looking at the guy on this cover. He looked a lot like the character of Scottish male witch Dagon Rasmus; tall, dark, and handsome as well as being an arrogant snob who is looking for a sophisticated and intelligent witch to share his life with. Of course, fate has something different planned in the form of a sweet, clutzy little witch named Sarina.

This is a time-travel Taming Of The Shrew meets the Navy Seals. Lt.Ian Maclean is not your average hero. With the lives of his team on the line, he has become a slightly balding, no fun, bad tempered pole stuck up his #&8!, well you get the picture. So who does fate have as the love of his life? Why, a bossy, hot tempered sister of one his men named Madrene who has just come from the 11th century. This story is full of plenty of laughs and Sandra Hill's crazy sense of humor.

Last, but not least is Shelly Laurenston, queen of "laugh out loud" snarky humor. Her characters are wild, crazy, and violent, because they are animal shifters living in human bodies. She has such a wild group assortment here. There is a lion who likes to rumba, bears who play ice hockey and wolf-dog hybrids who are in the roller derby. Lions, tigers, and honey badgers, oh my! My favorites are Lach and Bo, bear shifters who I love and I can't pick between the two of them. So I won't, because when these guys fall in love with their mates, you know it will be forever. Even if it means saving them from some crazy hyenas or getting them down out of a tree. I know that this series is drawing to a close, but she has a new one coming out soon as well as her dragon series under her G A Aiken persona.

I hope you liked this weeks topic. Join us again for our final paranormal topic next week, October 30th. Don't forget to visit my friends blogs and check out their take on this week's topic. Feel free to comment and tell us some of your favorites!

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