Thursday, October 30, 2014

Book Club Thursday for October 30th, 2014. We each review A Favorite Paranormal Read

     Thanks for joining us here at Book Club Thursday as we wrap up our paranormal theme this month and each reviews a paranormal favorite. I have been a paranormal romance fan since I discovered in the early 90's that authors Linda Lael Miller and Lori Herter made vampire men sexy and not the monsters we all thought they were supposed to be and I became hooked. Unfortunately, these romances were few and far between. Then the Silhouette Shadows published by Harlequin confirmed that we readers wanted to read about other heroes from the "otherside" as well. Now we lucky readers can find a paranormal read to feed our fix with no trouble.
     This week, the only problem I had was to pick a favorite. It just isn't possible and there are so many to choose from and way too many favorite authors. I've been trying to pin one down this past week. It was harder than I thought. So eenie, meenie and I picked the SHADES trilogy by Linda Fallon a personal favorite of mine.
     I love ghost stories and this trilogy has a little something for everyone. It takes place her in the USA during Victorian times with an absentminded professor meets ghostbuster vibe. Poor Eve has been left at the alter a couple of times by her fiance Lucien Thorpe. Not because he doesn't love her, he just gets so involved with creating inventions to catch and study ghosts, that he is always late for the wedding...usually by days.
     I enjoyed these books because they had a good blend of comedy and also some quality scares. So I will share the covers and blurbs with you and you can decide for yourself. I can't wait to see what my fellow bloggers picked. I hope you will let us know some of your favorites as well. We welcome your comments.
     Join us again next week, November 6th when our topic will be: You Wrote About What?

Romancing the Readers-Ann
Born to Read Books-Cyndi

Summoning the man who left her at the altar two years ago is definitely a last resort for Eve Abernathy. But paranormal expert Lucien Thorpe is the only person who can rid her house of the uneasy ghosts--noisy, lovemaking ghosts, no less--who haunt it, and her...

Eve may be ahead of her time as a woman who documents otherworldly activity, but she longs for the kind, sturdy husband and children to raise. Eve knows absentminded genius Lucien is more comfortable with the dead than the living, and better acquainted with his Specter-o-Meter than the longings of a woman's heart. But with his arrival, Eve can't deny that her feelings for him haunt her as restlessly as the shades who have invaded her home--especially when Lucien is doing his utmost to woo her all over again...

Eve Abernathy knows that her fiance, paranormal expert Lucien Thorpe, is terribly absentminded, but she can't quite believe that he's left her at the altar...again. Eve is ready to call the whole thing off when a note delivered to the church chills her to the bone. "I didn't forget," it several frighteningly different hands--none of them Lucien's. 

Soon Eve is on her way to the abandoned hotel where Lucien has been researching supernatural activity, accompanied by members of the Plummerville Ghost Society, in town for the wedding. She's not prepared to see the man she loves drained and exhausted by the spirits he'd channeled--and when things begin to go bump in the night with a vengeance, she's terrified. That the earthbound shades haunting the echoing rooms will not let Lucien rest. That she and Lucien will never escape the snowbound hotel. That their wedding--their marriage--is simply an empty dream.


Eve Abernathy and Lucien Thorpe may have--finally--walked down the aisle, but Eve isn't convinced that they're on the path to "happily ever after." Not when she aches to give Lucien a child, which seems to be a dream destined to remain out of her reach... 

Yet she can't ignore her maternal longings when the plantation home she and Lucien have been asked to investigate is haunted by the ghost of a young boy who mournfully asks if Eve is his mother. And especially not when a former paramour of Lucien's arrives to present him with the son he never knew he had. As the spirits in the house grow more restless, Eve and Lucien face the unexpected task of raising a boy who exhibits his father's otherwordly talent for speaking to the dead. But before Eve can learn to love her darling husband's son, she must resist the spectral plea of another motherless child...


  1. That was such a great series! I loved it!

  2. These were GOOD and if I recall the series was left sort of unfinished....