Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Love By Design by Evie Knight

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Rules are meant to be broken… only, he chooses which ones to break.

Renowned, self-taught baker Tristan James has everything going for him. Great friends. Women. Business success. His ultimate goal is to host his own TV show. All is perfect… until Mandy walks into his life. Tristan fears she’ll make him unearth the secrets he keeps.

She plays by the rules.

Amanda Roberts dreams of becoming a famous shoe designer, but her insecurities stand between her and her dream. She’s ready to give up when Tristan dares her to pursue her goal. Falling prey to his charms isn’t something she counts on, yet it’s unavoidable.

As their dreams finally become a reality, they must choose between love or the opportunity of a lifetime.

My Review:

Evie Knight is an author to watch. I enjoyed reading a previous story, Ariel's Song, for one of my review tour groups. Love by Design is sure to be another hit, but in a different way. This story has a different, lighter appeal. 
Tristan and Mandy both have dreams. Tristan is a baker and wishes to have his own TV show. Mandy loves to design shoes. The only difference is that Tristan at least owns his own bake shop while Mandy lacks confidence and works for a rich and spoiled diva.
I love the sparks that fly from the two characters, but their romance was a roller coaster ride. Tristan encourages Mandy to pursue her dreams and eventually she does.  He is not a perfect person and neither is their romance. He is not a commitment kind of guy, so of course he pursues a woman who turns him down and doesn't care for sweets. Mandy is young and finding her place in the world with big dreams and the talent to achieve them if she finds the courage. 
Tristan can be frustrating. He is not a bad person, but he has fears and they are what causes him to break Mandy's heart in their rocky times. And it is during these times that Mandy begins to grow and become a stronger woman. They also have friends, good and bad, that contribute important moments to this story.
All in all, I liked Tristan and Mandy's story, bumps and all. It was a shorter story with a quick pace and good story telling.

I was given an ARC for this story in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I have never read her. Thanks for give me some insight.