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Book Club Thursday: September 11, 2014 I Love America--Military Romance

     Do you love soldier's? Stories about military heroes and heroines? Welcome back to this weeks edition of Book Club Thursday. Our topic is I Love America- Military romance.
     The contemporary romance market is filled right now with this popular military genre. Everything from sexy Navy Seals, daring Air Force pilots, to the brave soldier's working around the world for a Special Ops team, there is something for everyone.And what's not to love? Brave, strong heroes who sacrifice their lives so that we enjoy the freedoms that we have today and the women that love them. Of course, there are plenty of heroines who are just as kick-ass as the guys. Together, they make for some exciting reading as they make our country safe from the enemies, both foreign and domestic.


     Some of the earliest military romances I read were written as category romances. Lindsay McKenna, with real ties with the military has been writing them for decades. I first read the Morgan's Mercenaries series set after Viet Nam and fell in love with Morgan and Laura Trayhern. He used to call her his "Little Swan" and yes, I sighed happily. But his brother and sister had stories as well as his parents whose story was set during the Korean conflict and their ancestors story set during the days after 1776. Not ending there, Trayhern's stories continued as their children continued serving with settings in todays headlines. A true military saga.
     Before Suzanne Brockmann became a hit with her naval series The Troubleshooters (I love Tom Paoletti and Sam Stark), she wrote a category series called Tall, Dark, and Dangerous. Navy seal romances like Prince Joe, Frisco's Kid and Forever Blue which were fun and lighthearted. At least her great writing career wasn't hindered with one of the yuckiest covers ever. Always remember, Don't judge a book by its cover really applies here!
     Now, I loved the cover of MacKenzie's Mission by Linda Howard. He was such a strong character as a teen in MacKenzies Mountain, and as a grown man, Wow! It was a pleasure watching his character grow as well as his career in the Air Force. Such great chemistry between him and Caroline. Another bonus was his younger brothers had books as well. A good treat to Linda Howard fans!

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     I like second chance stories. Being in the military brings a lot of human problems as soldiers that return home have to heal physically as well as mentally and then try to reconnect with the family's that love them. These two I pictured here are fine examples as they dwell with the demons as survivors guilt, torture, betrayal by people they trust. Add to the mix strong wives whose love is put to the test as they see the man they love suffer, but can't reach out to talk about it and instead push their spouses away. Or, stir in the reality of children to add to the heart-strings. These are very story driven tales, so the love scenes are sometimes fewer, but no less powerful when problems are worked through and the hero/heroine finally reconnect. Some emotional reading here.

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     What's not to love about military romance spiced with paranormal? A shifter heroine named Ivy makes for a unique heroine in Her Perfect Mate. Christine Feehan and Rebecca Zanetti provide great stories on military heroes "enhanced" by covert groups working for the government. In Feehan's Game series, not only are soldiers experimented on, but children as well. And if you are a failure, you are expendable. Zanetti's Shane Dean is an unforgettable Alpha hero in Forgotten Sins. Even with amnesia, he is confident, cocky, and sexy and the story has action, suspense, humor, emotion and romance all in one fast-paced package.

I could go on and on with more great example. Shelly Laurenston has some shifters who are ex-military. And word of mouth has recommended authors like Catherine Mann, Cindy Gerard, Stephanie Tyler as just a few more who have popular series dealing with men who put their life on the line for their country.

     How about you? Who are some of your recommendations? Don't forget to check out what my friends in BCT had to say on their blogs. Come back again next week when we are offering another Giveaway!

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  1. Good choices! And some of the authors you mentioned have military backgrounds which makes for a solid writing. I forget about another favorite of mine - Cindy Dees (how could I forget her(SMH) we have the same name!) She's another one to check out

  2. I will have to check her out. There was another author with military experience I wanted to add, but I can't remember her name. It's on the tip of my tongue!

  3. Nice post! You gave us so many books to remember.