Thursday, September 4, 2014

Book Club Thursday: Male/ Female POV? September 4, 2014

Welcome to this weeks Book Club Thursday. Male/Female POV. This week, my fellow bloggers and I would like to know your preferences on the Point of View of the lead characters. What's your take?

     I never used to think about this. I read books in 1st person and 3rd person. I read the blurb and just read the book if it sounded good. After a while, I payed more attention to those details. If you read a book in 1st Person, you miss the thoughts of the other characters unless they are in the dialogue. That may work well enough in mysteries, where you have one person solving the crime, but how does that change things in romance novels?
Since most romances are written by women, it's probably natural that it is easier for authors to write from the female view, but the heroes voice is heard, at least in part. Paranormals like The Black Dagger Brotherhood have alpha males whose male voices are loudly hear, and military heroes usually have the male POV shared as well. And then, there are authors like Nora Roberts who has four older brothers and gets into the male mind quiet nicely, her  contemporary Chesapeake Bay Saga rings true to me, as I have three brothers myself. I still think of the Quinn brothers when we have mashed potatoes.
Sometimes, I don't want to hear too much of the hero's thoughts. I recently read a book where the hero wanted to use a woman to get her property, Thank goodness, he was a decent guy and couldn't go through with it. It's hard disliking the hero for the majority of the book. One author had a heroine save the hero, who was an assassin, but he still was going to kill her. That was a little hard to take and he was hard to connect with as the partner of the heroine. The story was well written, but a little too much information for me personally.
A good friend of mine does not care for first person and I finally got what she meant when Linda Howard wrote a book duet this way. To Die For and Drop Dead Gorgeous were very funny books, told by the girly girl heroine Blair Mallory's POV. I really liked the cop turned boyfriend, Wyatt, but I never could get over how much better they could have been had she written it in the third. Here was a strong man, but you never knew his thoughts unless he was speaking dialogue. 


And here is the cover of the first category romance labeled as written from "his" point of view. This came out in the mid-eighties by Joann Robb, aka Joann Ross. I read it a long time ago, but it was pretty good for its time. 
So, what's your preference? Either or Neither? Let us know in the comments below. We enjoy hearing from you. Don't forget to check out what my friend's blogs say on the subject. I hope you enjoyed it. Next week, we are talking about military romances: I Love America!


  1. Nice post. I like how we both thought and used Ward and Roberts. Both of them are so good at writing men and having them be the main characters thoughts.

  2. Thanks. They are the authors I always think of having that strong male voice.

  3. Both of those authors write with good strong male POV voices.