Thursday, March 6, 2014

Book Club Thursday: Luck O' the Irish

Welcome to Book Club Thursday. Since it is nearly St. Patrick's Day, my fellow book club bloggers and have chosen Luck O' the Irish for this weeks theme. There are thousands of Irish romances available to readers and thousands of Irish authors and lovers of all things Irish. So trying to pick a favorite Irish romance was harder than I thought it would be. Sherryl Woods has the O'Briens, Dorien Kelley has the Ballymuir series, and Nora Roberts has one of the biggest list of Irish titles of all. Gallagher's, O'Hurley, Calhoun's, Quinn's, Nora has been writing great Irish romances since Irish Thoroughbred came out in 1981. Jewel's of the Sun is a particular favorite of mine.
     So it was very hard to pick a favorite this week. Did I pick one by Nora? Almost. But instead I picked a little gem of a book by Deb Stover which has always popped into my mind, so much so that I hunted used book stores for a copy after my original was ruined a few years back. Around the year 2,000, Jove Publishers had a group of books called Irish Eyes. They were by various authors and some were historical and some contemporary. Mulligan Stew came out in 2002 and has a little bit of all things Irish. A castle by the sea, a dark brooding hero, and a curse. The story is sweet and a little old-fashioned. 


A cursed Irish castle, star-crossed lovers, destiny, and comfort food....

Widowed mother and aspiring chef, Bridget Mulligan, leaves small-town Tennessee, the only home she's ever known, to take her son to Ireland and the in-laws she's never met.

Bridget and her son are welcomed by all but one member of the Mulligan Clan—her brother-in-law, Riley—who believes Bridget is a fraud and fortune-hunter.

However, when the old Mulligan Curse lures Bridget to the sealed castle on their land, Riley Mulligan must face all his demons—the past and the present—along with the powerful longing both he and Bridget battle for each other.

Riley is a little hard to like at first. He's curt and scowls, scaring his nephew hours after meeting him. Later on, you learn why he acts the way he does. He believes Bridget is conniving and out for money from the family farm, even though everyone can see that Bridget's son is a carbon copy of his late brother. But his mother and sister are warm and inviting and make her and her son feel welcome. The first night there, Bridget has sexy dreams and later on Riley begins to have matching dreams too. Even though in denial, he begins to fall under Bridget's spell, especially when it becomes evident that she can also hear the whispers of the old castle. Both he and Bridget have suffered family losses and eventually they become closer and start to fall in love despite, or maybe because of the "curse".



Perched high atop a craggy cliff, the black castle loomed over the rocks and shore below with an imperious air. It seemed almost human, some claimed, though most God-fearing souls believed whatever force troubled those halls descended not from this earth, but from the shadows of darkness. Indeed, within the boundaries of cold, forbidding stone, something sinister surely lurked.
Something evil.
Along the passageways and battlements of the forsaken tower, in the dank shadows of haze-veiled belfries, timeless injustice, tragedy, and passion clung like mist to the forsaken walls. Fog, turned blood red by the distant sun, shrouded the parapet, issuing a silent warning to any who dared approach. The massive doors remained closed, and no hint of welcoming light shone from the leaded windows.
A lone figure stood in the long shadow cast by the tower as the sun sank into the sea beyond. The breeze whipped his shaggy dark hair about his shoulders, revealing a face square of jaw and nearly as complex as the decaying castle. He cocked his head at an angle, his expression so intent it seemed he strained to hear the voices of the past.
As if part of the land itself, a magnificent black horse stepped up to his side and nuzzled his shoulder. The man's face softened as he stroked the exquisite animal and a ghost of a smile tugged at his full lips.
With a longing glance at the castle, he gave an emphatic nod. In one fluid movement, he swung himself onto the beast's bare back and urged it into a reckless gallop.
Like the wind, man and horse vanished into the ripening shadows of dusk, leaving Caisle├ín Dubh alone again with its secrets.
For now.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of my pick and I hope you check out my fellow bloggers picks also. I can't wait to see what they chose. Please feel free to leave comments on each of our blogs and join us next week for a Special blog theme. We are having a GIVEAWAY: An e-copy of The King by J R Ward!

Mulligan Stew was out of print for a while, but now it's available in e-book if you can't find it at your local used book store.

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  1. Nice pick! I want to read it now. I'm putting this on my list of books to read. Thanks for adding to my pile. :)

    1. My pleasure,lol. It's just a nice little romance I've always liked.

  2. Book Club Thursday-Luck O' the Irish

  3. I'm going to order a copy ! Looks good