Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book Club Thursday: A Favorite Older Read



Do you have an older book, maybe not your all time favorite, but a story that you have read many times before? I think we all have stories like that on our back-list. There is just something about this story that makes you feel good, or tears at your heart-strings? This week for Book Club Thursday, my fellow bloggers and I have each gone back into our vaults and selected a story that has been a long time favorite, one of those read over and over because there is something about it that you can't forget. Please share one of your classic stories with us. Generally, for newer books, I would let you know of spoilers, but this tale is 20 years old, so that's enough time, I guess,lol.

Romancing The Readers-Ann
Born to Read Books-Cyndi          

My Pick: The Way Home by Linda Howard
Originally published 1991


Anna Sharp has never expected in a million years that she will get any indecent proposal from a man much more her boss. But when wealthy Saxon Malone has asked her to be either his mistress or secretary, Anne chose the former because she knows that what she feels for Saxon is once-in-a-lifetime.

This novella was originally published by Silhouette as a free novella and has been reissued many times in anthologies with other authors. 

The hero, Saxon Malone, comes off as cold and aloof, but given the circumstances of his horrible childhood, how can he be anything, but? Thrown away like trash by his birth mother, abused time and again in the foster care system, he had no reference to loving emotions. His last foster family took him in at 12 years old and gave him a good home,  but resisted touching him because he was so wary. A smart kid, he left after high school, put himself thru college, and worked his way thru the ranks as a successful owner of his own company.
     Anna Sharp was his secretary who fell in love with her aloof boss and she jumped at the chance to become his mistress when he offered her this in an either or deal. Some reviewers think this is hokey, but it's fiction people. After two years of being there for him, she finds herself pregnant with his child and of course he thinks it is a marriage trap and even worries that she might want to get rid of the baby. Anna doesn't have a dishonest bone in her body and sets him free of any responsibility. After a long, lonely night he thinks things through.
     Slowly, he lets his guard down around her, and lets her into his heart. She is his anchor and he finally admits it to himself. He loosens up and learns to have fun and relax with her, eventually offering her marriage. And as a gift to him, she tracks down the foster mother that did care about him after all, who has hoping he would find his way home.
     Together, with the baby, they make a new family.

I loved this story, and yes, it brought some tears to my eyes. And more than once. To know your mother tried to kill you at birth is not a great way to start life, nor is child abuse in the foster care system. It is a shame that we as humans are so quick to judge people without knowing the whole story. Anna peeled back the layers on Saxon and brought the man she loved happiness and family.

I hope you enjoyed my review and I hope you have time to make a comment. And don't forget to check out my friends blogs, too. I hope we have you thinking about some of your old favorites books, and maybe you will want to reread one...or more.



  1. This is one of my favorites of hers too. It was so good. Good pick!

  2. There is just something about it. I've read it many times.

  3. Never read it (or Ann's pick either).