Thursday, July 20, 2017

Book Club Thursday: Getting To Know Us Interviews

Hi Readers! It's time for Book Club Thursday and we are happy that you have joined us. A short time ago, we added a new feature-GET TO KNOW US. It is a way that my friends and fellow bloggers, Ann, Cyndi and I can share more of our personal reading thoughts with our readers. Feel free to ask us your questions also. We love hearing from you.

This month, each BCT blogger is featuring a short Q & A interview as a way for our readers to Get to Know Us a little more. Cyndi @ Born to Read Books will interview Ann @ Romancing the Readers. Ann @ Romancing the Readers is interviewing me @ The Many Faces of Romance and I will be asking Cyndi questions @ Born to Read Books right here at my blog. It's like a round robin of interviews.

Get to know Cyndi @ Born to Read Books

1) Name a couple of your comfort read authors

I love Teri Wilson, Jill Shalvis, Beth Kendrick and Stacey Ballis.

2) What are your favorite genres and do you think that your tastes have changed in the last ten years?

I’ll read ANYTHING if it appeals to me. I also think I read less strict romance now than in years past. I’m reading quite a bit of general/women’s fiction these days. Plus I’m really into Agatha Christie right now.

3) As a blogger and reviewer, what do think are the more important opinions to convey to your readers?

I think it’s important to NOT re-hash the plot or tell too much of the story – that’s what the cover copy is for.

My reviews are very brief- more of an impression of the novel. I could probably do with adding a few more lines though.

4) In a perfect fantasy world, what book or book series would you like to see come to the big screen? (If you could control cast, director, screenwriter,etc. We know Hollywood or Lifetime doesn't get it right, lol).

None really. I’m not a huge fan of adaptations for several reasons, the main one being they always “Hollywood” things up; meaning that they “pretty it up” by switching up characters or a happier ending etc.
That said, I am looking forward to IT and The Dark Tower and I’ve got several episodes of The Mist on my DVR (notice a pattern here LOL).

July 27th- Reading Challenge


  1. This was fun, thanks for picking my brain! Lol

  2. I loved learning more about Born to Read Books!