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Book Club Thursday:Remember When June 2017

Hi Reader's! I can't believe that it is June. Boy the time is flying by! Thank you for stopping by and joining us for Book Club Thursday. This week is our Remember When post, when we remember things about our love of reading.

FAMILY MAN by Jayne Ann Krentz
First published in 1992
Pocket Books

It takes a heavenly creature to change a rebel with a cause into a...
Family Man
A decade of working for the high-powered Gilchrist family empire has made sassy Katy Wade determined to open her own business. But there's one last problem she must solve before she can leave. The Gilchrists need an heir apparent to save their mysteriously floundering fortunes, and there's only one man for the job: Luke Gilchrist. All his life the Gilchrists have made Luke pay for his father's scandal, and now he's a renegade who's sworn he'll never go home — except to get even. Katy must persuade Luke to use his business expertise to rescue his family, but one look in his sexy green eyes, and she knows why they affectionately call him "the Bastard."
Meanwhile, Luke's decided he wants her even more than he wants revenge. He agrees to play savior, but only with Katy at his side. It's a strategy sure to make this red-haired angel madder than hell, but she's the only one who can turn this devilish rogue into a family man. Now he must trust Katy with his secrets  and she must believe in his love.
Jayne Ann Krentz pens a wicked, wonderful tale filled with the joy of two hearts finding a place to call home!

From Publishers Weekly

As personal assistant to octogenarian matriarch Justine Gilchrist, Katy Wade has spent years sorting out Gilchrist family problems; but now she pulls off a minor miracle: she persuades Justine's grandson Luke, a talented restaurant consultant who has no use for his relatives, to rescue the family's restaurant chain from its financial decline. After nosing around, Luke claims that the business is being sabotaged from within. Meanwhile some of the Gilchrists suspect that he'll destroy the company to gain revenge: his father was disinherited by Justine when he left at the altar the bride she had handpicked (the woman who became Katy's mother). In fact, Luke plots only to win Katy, which is not easy, given that the young woman wants out of her job and away from everyone named Gilchrist. In her own saucy, upbeat style, Krentz (Sweet Fortune) turns this eccentric family and pair of mismatched lovers (so everyone tells them) into an entertaining story. Krentz is even confident enough to question the genre rules she plays by so well, as when Katy walks out on Luke during a passionate love scene, saying, There's no call to get surly. You started this. Her fans will eat it up.

Jayne Ann Krentz is one of my favorite comfort read authors, and I read her books under all of her pseudonyms. Except for a couple of her rarest early books (under the name of Jayne Bentley), I own almost every book that she has ever written. When I first started reading her back in the 90's, I was attracted by her easy going plots with strong quirky heroines who might not be the most beautiful women, but they had charm and used their brains. Sometimes the heroes were arrogant and knew what was best for the little woman (until she set him straight) or oddly appealing  males who walked their own path. Some wore glasses, some were average size, but had a commanding presence and some had red hair!

     Besides the romance in the stories, her secondary characters were usually pesky or dysfunctional family members of the H/h. The plot formula usually involved a family business and the H/h had to play peacemaker as well as find the time to fall in love while bailing out a family member or two... or more. Some of favorite books of mine had this plot base like ABSOLUTELY,POSITIVELY and TRUST ME. My first Krentz book of this type was FAMILY MAN and I bought it on impulse because the hero has the same name as my husband, Luke. 

     Katy works for the Gilchrest family's matriarch, Justine who wants her estranged grandson Luke back in the fold to help their family restaurants which seem to be losing money. He and Katy make a deal in order for him to stick around and help for six months. And yes, Luke has the hots for Katy. He is alpha, hear him roar and Katy is the girl next door type. His family depends on Katy a lot, but tend to take her for granted, but that changes when Luke shows up. If she helps him help the family, then she will finally feel free enough to quit and pursue her own dreams.

I loved the chemistry between Luke and Katy. The story is well paced and it has romance, family antics, a little suspense, a little blackmail, and a dog that walks around with his bowl in his mouth. Luke proves to be an honorable man and changes the way that the family conducts business. I loved how he called their messes road kill, because the business had become about the bottom line and not about the aftermath of their business dealings. Together, he and Katy find something in life that they hadn't known was missing...the love of their life. Though FAMILY MAN isn't my favorite Krentz book, I liked it well enough to search out her other books on her backlist and I am a fan still today, decades later.

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  1. I really loved this one. It was so good!

  2. I keep meaning to read this one because I never have lol