Thursday, June 15, 2017

Book Club Thursday: Cover Talk June 2017

Hi Readers! Thanks for stopping by and visiting us here at Book Club Thursday. We are always trying to come up with fun things here each week. This time around we are having our COVER TALK.
     Let's face it. A cover is the first thing that you see when you are searching for something to read, even before you read the blurb. And if there is an attractive model, a beautiful nature setting or even a scary knife with a drop of blood, the cover has done it's job if you have picked it up in order to check it out.
     My friend's Cyndi, Ann and I here at BCT have each selected a cover that has caught our eye. We have omitted the title and the author to pique your curiosity. And we are doing a sort of round robin for fun with the answers to who authored the books. If you want to see who wrote the book with the elegant hunk for my pick, then you have to visit Ann's blog-Romancing the Readers. I have the answer to Cyndi's Born to Read Books pick below and Cyndi has the answer to Ann's pick and I haven't seen it yet. I hope you enjoy each selection. Did you guess each book?

My Cover Pick

Cyndi's Cover Pick

SKELETON CREW by Stephen King
Paperback edition published 1986

In this brilliant collection of stories, Stephen King takes readers down paths that only he could imagine...A supermarket becomes the place where humanity makes its last stand against destruction...a trip to the attic becomes a journey to hell...a woman driver finds a scary shortcut to idyllic lake harbors a bottomless evil...and a desert island is the scene of the most terrifying struggle for survival ever waged.

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