Thursday, March 30, 2017

Book Club Thursday: Review of THE COTTAGE AT FIREFLY LAKE

Hi Readers! Thanks for joining us for this weeks Book Club Thursday. This week we are  jointly reviewing a book, selected by BCT blogger Ann-THE COTTAGE AT FIREFLY LAKE by Jen Gilroy. A Canadian author, this is Ms Gilroy's debut novel for her Firefly Lake series. I hope you enjoy our look at this new contemporary romance.


Hachette Books, January 2017

Some mistakes can never be fixed and some secrets never forgiven . . . but some loves can never be forgotten.

Charlotte Gibbs wants nothing more than to put the past behind her, once and for all. But now that she's back at Firefly Lake to sell her mother's cottage, the overwhelming flood of memories reminds her of what she's been missing. Sun-drenched days. Late-night kisses that still shake her to the core. The gentle breeze off the lake, the scent of pine in the air, and the promise of Sean's touch on her skin . . . True, she got her dream job traveling the world. But at what cost? 

Sean Carmichael still doesn't know why Charlie disappeared that summer, but after eighteen years, a divorce, and a teenage son he loves more than anything in the world, he's still not over her. All this time and her body still fits against his like a glove. She walked away once when he needed her the most. How can he convince her to stay now? 

This was a good second chance romance between childhood sweethearts Sean Carmichael and Charlotte aka "Charlie" Gibbs. Their mothers were good friends. The Carmichael's lived at Firefly Beach year-round, but the Gibbs were summer people who had a cottage at the lake. The romance between the couple ended when they were teen-agers, and now Charlie and her sister are back to sell the cottage. She is a foreign correspondent resting from an injury and Sean is a divorced single father, running the boating business that was founded by his family. 
     This is a romance, but at times it felt a little like women's fiction. There is the reunion between Sean and Charlie, some hormonal teenagers, family loyalty and family healing, life changes, an overbearing parent, and some self-realization. There is nothing unique about the story, I have read similar stories before. The pace was a little uneven at times and sometimes I felt like something was missing. There was something revealed about Charlie at the end of the book that felt glossed over.
     That said, I still liked the story because I liked the characters of Sean and Charlie and enjoy second chance romances. Neither character was perfect, but they were good people who had a lot of soul searching to do. Sean would be angry with Charlie, but when they were together he wanted to have her back in his life and his bed. Charlie had an adventurous life, but it was lonely and she had the burden of secrets on her plate due to her father. When she was in her big city Charlotte persona, she was kind of aloof. At times I wanted to shake them both, but I was rooting for them too. 
     I think I will give this series another try. I am interested in seeing what happens with Charlie's sister Mia and her two daughters and their new life. And maybe some more questions I had will be answered. 

Remember When-April 6th


  1. Sadly I wasn't a huge fan. Wondering if I shouldn't try again?

  2. I really didn't care for it. So much so that I don't really care what happens to Mia and her daughters. Other then Sean, I didn't care for anyone else.

    1. I thought it was ok. I felt like I had read it before, it wasn't anything new.