Thursday, February 16, 2017

Book Club Thursday: COVER TALK 2/16/17

Hi Reader's! Welcome to this week's Book Club Thursday. This week, we are having our new COVER TALK feature. We thought we would have a little fun with covers.

     Covers are the first thing you see about a book and  gives you  the initial impression of what's between the covers. Some grab you right away. It might be cute, homey and comforting, or eye-catchingly beautiful. Some have a hunky hero or a kick-ass heroine adorning them. Some are so-so and some don't fit the description of the book at all. And then there are some which give a glimpse of the genre of the book without saying a word. That cover with a bloody knife and a black rose is most likely not a secret baby romance.
     So we at BCT thought we would have some fun with covers this week. First off, Ann, Cyndi and I will each post a picture of a book, but it will not reveal the title or author. 
     Can you guess the book?
     Now when I post my picture, you will find out the book, author and links, but not here on my blog. Ann @ Romancing the Readers will reveal my info there on her blog, just like I will reveal Cyndi's cover info here at The Many Faces of Romance. Cyndi @ Born to Read Books will have Ann's selection. Sort of a Round Robin of Book Covers.
     I hope you have fun guessing each book. And don't forget to tell us what you think of this feature!

First off- My Cover Pic:

Can You Guess the Title or Author?

Cover Reveal for Born to Read Books:


Shanna by Kathleen E Woodiwiss


Sadly, the author passed away in 2007 but her books are still available in a variety of formats and there are still sites to learn about her and her books.

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  1. I still need to read your pick!

  2. I guessed this one right away BUT probably because it's on/in my soon to be read pile! LOL