Thursday, December 29, 2016

Book Club Thursday: December 29th

Hi Readers! I can't believe how fast this year has flown by! I thank everyone for stopping by Book Club Thursday and visiting with my fellow BCT bloggers Cyndi, Ann, and I as we share our love of reading with you all. There are so many books and authors out there, both old favorites and new discoveries. And always, we love when you share your favorites as well.
     First off for this week, we are each going to give our view on our last year here at BCT. The books we loved the most...and the one that was not so much. This was harder than I thought because we read so many great books each year.

My Favorite was a Book Recommended by a Friend: LADY BRIDGET'S DIARY by Maya Rodale. It hit just the right note with me in humor and romance.

In the first novel of Maya Rodale's stunning new series, an American heiress must learn to navigate London society and an infuriatingly irresistible rake . . .

Lord Darcy is the quintessential Englishman: wealthy, titled, impossibly proper, and horrified that a pack of Americans has inherited one of England's most respected dukedoms. But his manners, his infamous self-restraint, and his better judgment fly out the window when he finds himself with the maddening American girl next door.

Lady Bridget Cavendish has grand—but thwarted—plans to become a Perfect Lady and take the haute ton by storm. In her diary, Bridget records her disastrous attempts to assimilate into London high society, her adoration of the handsome rogue next door, her disdain for the Dreadful Lord Darcy, and some truly scandalous secrets that could ruin them all.

It was loathing at first sight for Lady Bridget and Lord Darcy. But their paths keep crossing . . . and somehow involve kissing. When Lady Bridget's diary goes missing, both Darcy and Bridget must decide what matters most of all—a sterling reputation or a perfectly imperfect love.

My least favorite book: 30 Nights by Christine D'Abo. It was my Reading Challenge for an Erotica. It wasn't the worst book I read all year and it had a great concept. It just had some problems and I think it could have been so much more. 

Baring your body is simple--but baring your soul might just change everything…

The last thing Glenna O'Donald expected to stumble upon in a cemetery was a pack of index cards. And not just any cards--each one contains instructions for a seriously kinky, no-holds-barred sexual encounter. Glenna, an over-analytical research assistant by day, is suddenly tempted to conduct some nocturnal experiments of her own. Especially when gorgeous university professor Eric Morris offers to be her lab partner. 

Soon Glenna begins meeting with Eric once a week to try out the suggestions that intrigue her most. In between those daring nights of sensual exploration are work days filled with laughter and flirting…until Glenna fears she's getting in too deep. For all the pleasure she's giving and receiving, Glenna wants more than skin-on-skin interaction--and Eric realizes he's about to lose the intimate connection he didn't know he needed. Can they find the courage to take this game to the next level? 

As hot as it is heartwarming, Christine d'Abo's fresh, witty novel proves that practice makes perfect, and that some games are worth playing… 


There are always a few books by your favorite authors that you just can't wait for their yearly releases. J. R. Ward is always a given. Amanda Quick, aka Jayne Ann Krentz, is having a new historical set in the 1930's coming out May 9, 2017. She is one of my most favorite authors and color me curious about the story set in this different era!

Amanda Quick, the bestselling author of ’Til Death Do Us Part, transports readers to 1930s California, where glamour and seduction spawn a multitude of sins…
When Hollywood moguls and stars want privacy, they head to an idyllic small town on the coast, where the exclusive Burning Cove Hotel caters to their every need. It’s where reporter Irene Glasson finds herself staring down at a beautiful actress at the bottom of a pool.

Seeking the truth, Irene finds herself drawn to a master of deception. Oliver Ward was once a world-famous magician—until he was mysteriously injured during his last performance. Now the owner of the Burning Cove Hotel, he can’t let scandal threaten his livelihood, even if it means trusting Irene, a woman who seems to have appeared in Los Angeles out of nowhere four months ago.

With Oliver’s help, Irene soon learns that the glamorous paradise of Burning Cove hides dark and dangerous secrets. And that the past—always just out of sight—could drag them both under…

The New Year is almost here and we here at BCT are looking forward to another year sharing our Book Club with you. We will be back with a fresh new look and some fun new things  that we have in store.

Our 2017 Calendar:

5th Remember When
12th Clearing Off the Bookshelves
19th Free Day
26th Reading Challenge

2nd Remember When 
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7th Remember When
14th Clearing Off the Bookshelves 
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28th Reading Challenge

We will be continuing with our Reading Challenges, but we will have more to choose from, some Easy, some Tricky. Take a look!

Read a new author
Start a new series
Read an anthology 
Read a hardcover
Read a trade
Read a “small town romance”
Re-Read a “suitcase” / desert island book 
Read a book with a favorite romance trope 
Read a book set in another country (any genre)
Read a book with a favorite historical time period
Read a paranormal with a favorite type of character
Read a book under 250 pages
Read a book over 300 pages
Read a book you keep meaning to read
Read a book set in the Future 
Read or re-read a favorite authors debut book

Read a book published before 2010
Read a book with a wedding 
Read a book published in the month you were born
Working Girls 
Read a book set in your home state
Read a book that includes nature on the cover 
Read a book with a cover that you really don’t like 
Read a book you once gave up on
Read a book with a clever title
Read a book that takes place in Winter
Read a book that includes a Holiday
Read a book set in/around New Orleans
Read a book with a “Food” word in the title
Read a book that includes a food item on the cover
Read a book with a seasonal word in the title 

Read a book that taught you about a subject you are unfamiliar with 
Read a book with a on the run or road trip theme
Trifecta Books (sounds,cover and title must be cute/sexy /etc)
Read a book with an “unconventional” heroine
Name that Tune 

Here are the other parts of our new calendar:

Remember When:
We will post a theme from the past: example-cartoon like covers

Clearing Off the Bookshelves:
Our posts  must be to read/review ANY book we want that is on our shelves six months or longer.
Free Days:
We can write whatever we wish that week on the BCT blog as long as it is book related.
Cover Talk:
Our posts will be when each of us post’s a book cover (no title or author) with the book’s description. We are hoping that some savvy readers will be able to guess what we have posted. Don’t worry though; we will disclose the exact book we are featuring.
Group Reviews:
We bloggers at BCT will be reviewing the same book. We will also let you know ahead of time so you can read along with us.

Lastly, from time to time we may host a GIVEAWAY- another reason to follow us each Thursday or on our Facebook pages.

Thank all of you readers for stopping by each week. We love having you here and are looking forward to 2017. Our first blog of the year, January 5th! Until then, Happy Reading.


  1. I really can't wait for the new year. We are going to have so much fun!

  2. We are going to have a blast. The Maya Rodale was one of my favorite books of the year AND I too really want the upcoming Amanda Quick!