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Book Club Thursday: Catching Up With-Jennifer Ashley

Author Jennifer Ashley

Hi Readers! I hope you are enjoying your summer and you are reading something special. Thanks for stopping by this week here at Book Club Thursday. We bloggers here at BCT are voracious readers and reviewers, so sometimes we fall behind on some of favorite authors., especially of they are prolific. Each month we select a special favorite author that we all like and try to pick up where we left off in our fave's backlist. This month, we are Catching Up With Jennifer Ashley. She writes paranormal romance, mysteries, and historical romance. I needed to catch up with her MacKenzie & McBride series.  So this month, I read RULES FOR A PROPER GOVERNESS.

Published October, 2014
Berkley Publishing

To Kiss A Thief... 

Scottish barrister Sinclair McBride can face the most sinister criminals in London - but the widower’s two unruly children are a different matter. Little Caitlin and Andrew go through a governess a week, sending the ladies fleeing in tears.

Roberta “Bertie” Frasier enters Sinclair’s life by stealing his watch - and then stealing a kiss. Intrigued by the handsome highlander, Bertie winds up saving his children from a dangerous situation and returns them to their father. Impressed with how they listen to her, Sinclair asks the lively beauty to be their governess, never guessing that the unconventional lady will teach him a lesson or two in love.

Thankfully, I wasn't too far behind on one of my favorite historical series. RULES FOR A PROPER GOVERNESS is book #7 and the next book is THE STOLEN MACKENZIE BRIDE, a story that tells the romance of the MacKenzie clans founder Mal. I do have a few novellas in the series to read to be entirely caught up.
     As always, I fell in love with the hero and heroine. Sinclair Mcbride is a handsome and intelligent man, but the light has gone out of his life because of the death of his wife. When he was younger, he was the lively prankster in his family and then he met his wife and they began a life and started a family. If it weren't for his children, he might have given up on life. His kids are his life and he spoils them, which is why there is always a stream of new governesses running through their lives.
     Bertie watches Sinclair, who is a barrister, save the life of her friend in court after she was accused of something she didn't do, and she is fascinated by the handsome Scotsman. Bertie's father is a petty criminal who gets upset that his friend Jacko is sent to prison as the real criminal. He orders Bertie to bring back something from McBride. Her father is an abusive man, so Bertie reluctantly picks Sinclairs pocket and relieves him of a watch. He doesn't give up chasing after her and catches up with Bertie. She tells him her story and gives back the watch which was a gift from his wife. Instead of having her arrested, he listens and does her a kindness and gives her a coin to give to her father. She is so fascinated by his generosity that she gives him a kiss, and not just a peck on the cheek.
     Bertie is a unique heroine. She is a street-smart woman who is trapped by life in London's poor East side. She is not well-educated and speaks with a cockney accent. Her mother died young and her family fell apart, but one of her father's lady friends taught her some of the proper manners in life and those are put to good use. It also helps her dream of something better in life. A few days after their kiss, Bertie ends up saving Sinclair's children from a bad situation and ends up as their temporary governess. The kids come to adore her and Sinclair himself can't stop thinking of the fresh air and joy she brings to the family. The banter between the two is fun, and the kids are scene stealers.
     There are fun moments, but there is also a mystery which intrudes in Sinclair's life. He has been getting anonymous letters threatening to ruin him. Another turn is someone from Sinclair's past interfering with his family. The road is bumpy, but Sinclair and Bertie manage to fall for each other even through the chaos, which includes revisiting with past characters.  Ian MacKenzie is one of favorite heroes of all time, and I look for him in each book. 
     I am pretty persnickety when it comes to historical romances. Jennifer Ashley never fails to deliver an emotional story with a blend of mystery, adventure, family, and love. It was wonderful seeing the light reenter Sinclair's eyes through the bubbly ball of fire that is Bertie Frasier!

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you enjoyed our visit with Jennifer Ashley. Stop by net week, July 28th, when we will sharing our July Reading Challenge picks. Until then, Happy Reading!


  1. Your review makes me what to read this. To bad that I'm so far behind. I'm going to try and get caught up some. Nice review!

    1. It's definitely one of my favorites in the series.