Thursday, June 30, 2016

Book Club Thursday: WTF? Moments!

Hi Readers! Thanks for stopping by and joining us at Book Club Thursday. This week, we are sharing a topic called WTF Moments! 
     As much as we love reading, there are sometimes things in a story that may have you banging the wall, (at least in your head) because something rubs you the wrong way. It could be the whole story itself, or maybe the heroine does something TSTL. I know there are lots of things about a book that set a reader off. Is it the reader being bored, or is it bad writing? Check out reviews on Amazon and Goodreads to see how 20 people love a story, yet one person thinks the same book sucked. Join my fellow bloggers and I as we pick our own WTF Moments!

1. Covers

Authors get a raw deal sometime when it comes to covers sometimes and many have no control to help in the selection of cover artwork. For some reason, the art department doesn't need to consult the author, the creator of the work at all. In Bella Andre"s NEVER TOO HOT, the hero is a hotshot firefighter who suffered servere burns on his back and is recovering. Why on earth would you show him with no shirt and no scars? It negates the importance of the plot of an excellent book.
The hot guy on INTO THE WHIRLWIND looks fine. Unfortunately, he is described as having a dragon tattoo wrapped around that great sixpack all the way to his neck. Never mind that he had thick black beard. 
And don't get me started on Kerrilyn Sparks favorite character name Robbie. On the stepback cover, there is a nice looking wiry  man with long black hair. But Robbie is six and a half feet of  muscled ginger Scotsman.
I find this attitude dismissive of the author and their fans.

2. Adultery is romantic?
   I read this terrible book where there is a forced marriage between a werewolf leader and a human female. On his wedding night, he slept with six women, none his wife. And continued with other women throughout the first chapters. But his wife fell for him anyway, can you say doormat? Ah, those free stories. You get what you pay for.

3. Kickass Heroine

I love that modern women are now portrayed for the most part as strong and intelligient. They don't need a man to save them, they can save their self. I recently reviewed a sci-fi romance where this woman was sent to another planet to obtain the secrets of their blood. It was dangerous, because others had tried and never returned or were heard from again. At first she came off as sympathetic. When she arrived to the planet, she became less than admirable. After a few moments of arriving, she slugged a man for no good reason. Then she was surly and rude throughout more of the book, F-bombs flying. Good thing that the guy she slugged was a prince and liked them feisty! Yuck!

I could go on and on, but I won't. I would rather hear from my fellow bloggers, and you, our readers. Let us know what are some of your WTF moments.

Thanks for stopping Book Club Thursday. Join us again, next week, July 7th, when we will be CLEARING OFF THE SHELVES. Until then, Happy Reading!


  1. Nice post! You really got into those WTF moments. I hate the cover crap too.

    1. It took me a while. Like days!!!lol :D

  2. Covers...yeah WTF! But as you see on my post not all WTF moments are bad...LOL

    1. I wasn't thinking positive thoughts when my laptop battery died while I was writing,lol. Hence, the bad WTF's. And when do you get to use the word "hence"? Not often! :D