Thursday, June 9, 2016

Book Club Thursday: June Free Day

Hi Readers! Thanks for joining us this week. Today we BCT bloggers are having a FREE DAY and we can each chat about whatever book related topic we want.
     I have been thinking a lot about the popular topics that are circulating in entertainment, be it books, movies, or television. This week I am a little burnt out on zombies, rogue government agencies, terrorists, drug cartels, or killer pandemics created by mad scientists for the military. So this week, I thought I would go off planet and read a book about romance between an earth woman and a hunky alien prince. So I read CAPTURED BY SWEET ALIEN, first in a series of short stories by Ruth Anne Scott.

A Sci-fi Alien Warrior Invasion Abduction Romance

Eden is sent to Uoria and given the task to test the blood of the Denynso. Only that’s against the rules. She doesn’t want to be that close to them anyway. From everything she’d heard about the species they are more temperamental than her, but her boss’ ultimatum gives her no choice. She goes and gets what he wants or she loses her job, her livelihood.

When Eden arrives she is confronted by Pyra, a man who believes he is god’s gift to women, but she thinks he’s a jerk and doesn’t have time for his games. The more she dislikes him, the more her body yearns for him.

Pyra can’t stay away from the new human scientist that has been sent to study his kind. When there is an attack by Denynso enemies and she lands in the crossfire his feelings come out. She’s injured and never before has he ever felt fear like he felt when he saw her lying on the ground beneath a vile beast he fights. She’s his mate, and he refuses to let her go no matter how much she hates him. Not when he’d gotten a taste of what it would be like to be with her.

Will Pyra be able to save Eden and win her over for good, or is it already too late?

This book contains mature themes and language, only suitable for ages 18+! 

Hmm. Maybe I should have stayed on earth. The price was right. Free, which seemed fitting for FREE DAY. But then there is the adage you get what you pay for.
     First of all, it's in first person. One strike. The premise is good, Eden is forced to travel to Uoria for her asshat boss which could be dangerous and he knows it. At least she is smart enough to bring proof of her boss and his ways. The people of Uoria have no problem with some visitors as long as they follow their rules which includes Uorian blood will not be studied by outsiders. Eden's boss expects her to get the blood of their top warrior.
     When Eden arrives on the planet, she asks to talk to the King and a big hunky seven foot tall warrior says that he will escort her. He is surly as are most of the males. But since arriving on the planet, Eden is kind of acting more than bitchy herself. The warrior seems to like that side of her, and he takes her to meet the king. The meeting goes well and Eden and the warrior, who just happens to be the king's son Pyra, start to connect and then they hook up. After some awkwardly bad sex, she decides she needs to go for a walk and he has to get back to work doing warrior stuff. After they part, she is attacked by some creature and starts to lose consciousness...and the story ENDS! 
     I am not leaving a link for this story. The story wasn't totally bad, some better editing could have helped and written in third person, it could have been so much more. And I really really wanted to love it. But it wasn't even the 42 pages it said it was. The rest was a few pages of the series spin-off. In this first series, their are 10 stories at 99 cents each. The reviews were a little better for the second book, but I think I will pass. For some reason, the spin-off series is in third person. Go figure.
     After reading this one, I still wasn't ready to go back home, so I went under the sea and picked up a book about mermen. Wish me luck!

Thanks for joining us this week for our FREE DAY. I am going to pop over and see what my good buddies have picked for their topic and I hope you check them out too! Come back next week, June 16th, when we are having a giveaway sponsored by our friend Cyndi at Born to Read Books. Until next week, Happy Reading!


  1. I love aliens. Of course I would rather read one that's well-written. I hate when you don't like something, even when it's free.

    1. I know. I was dying for a good sci fi romance.

  2. Sounded like it could have been good...but yes sometimes free books are free for a reason. Lol