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WORTH THE WAIT, A Divine Island series starter By Julie Ann Levin Virtual Tour-Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Divine Island #1
Julie Ann Levin
Releasing May 17th, 2016


Tropical beaches and second chances...

As a rule, Chase Hammond avoided going home to Divine Island whenever possible. But when his father has a heart attack, he's left with no other choice but to go back and hope that he can avoid trouble and stay focused.

Recently divorced and struggling to keep all the elements of her life together, Natalie Rey has absolutely no desire to make her life any more difficult than it already is. But when Chase Hammond shows up on her doorstep, the man who rejected her years earlier, she'll have to do her best to avoid the monumental distraction.

The last thing either of them needs is their sizzling chemistry getting in the way of their goals.

Can Natalie resist the sexy man who broke her heart years ago?

Will allowing him back into her life only lead to more heartache?

Chase returned to Natalie's close to eleven at night.
The rental's lights were on, and a repetitive clunking sound came from within. He followed the sound until he reached the laundry room. There was Natalie, no longer in her work scrubs, but in a pair of low-riding sweatpants and a tank top.
A small strip of her smooth skin showed as she bent over, hitting the water heater with the wrench for all she was worth.
“Nat, we have to stop meeting like this.”
She gasped and stood up. “Jesus Christ, Chase. Don't sneak up on me like that. I almost hit you over the head with this wrench.”
Chase smiled. “You and your trusty wrench, huh?”
“Sometimes it helps.”
Chase crowded her in the small room. “Sometimes what helps?” She'd showered and smelled so damn good.
“The water heater. Sometimes it helps when I hit it with the wrench. I saw Dylan do it one time, and it worked.” She then proceeded to bang on the heater some more.
Chase curled his hand around her wrist to stop the assault on the machinery. “Why don't we...”
“I'll figure it out. I always do. I don't usually have an audience, of course.” She gestured at him with her hands.
“You don't have to be good at this, you know? You're good at lots of other things.”
“Don't have to be good at what?”
“At plumbing, electrician work, you name it. You don't have to be good at it. You can ask for help.”
She shook her head. “You're wrong. I do have to be good at it, and I am. Fifty percent of the time.”
“I thought it was sixty percent of the time.”
“The past twenty-four hours have seriously weighed down my averages.”
He gripped her shoulders, stroking her upper arms. “Is it that terrible if I use your shower?”
“Yes! No...” She exhaled. “It's not that. I need to get it to work and don't tell me you're going to look at it because you already fixed the bathroom stuff. I'm sorry if I didn't thank you already.”
Her hair was down, tangled, framing her face. Without putting any thought into the action, he cupped her jaw and ran his thumb across her cheek.
Her body turned rigid. “Chase.”
“Tell me something,” he said. “Is there something going on between you and my brother?”
Natalie shook her head. “Dylan? No.”
He paused since her answer left room for interpretation. “Any of my brothers?”
“No. Why?”
He tipped her chin up so he could look her in those caramel eyes, and traced his thumb along her full, bottom lip. “Because I'm going to kiss you right now.”
“Oh. Wh—What if I were seeing someone else?”
“I don't give a shit about anyone else, so you'll have to stop me if you do.”
He stepped into her until their thighs were touching. He put one hand against the wall above her head and curled the other hand behind her neck before his fingers weaved into her hair. “Are you?”
“Am I what?” she asked, her eyes already closed.
He pressed further against her body. “Going to stop me?”
She shook her head before Chase covered her mouth with his. This was a bad idea because she tasted incredible. He'd meant for it to be short and sweet, but there was nothing short and sweet about what he was doing now.
It turned into a hot, wet kiss, as Chase held Natalie up in his arms. He nudged her thighs apart with his leg. The sweet moan that escaped her hit him like a punch to the gut.
And then much too soon, she tensed in his arms, probably because the evidence of his own tension pressed up against her inner thigh. She pushed at his chest gently. He pulled back from her mouth and stared down at her. Her lips were swollen, cheeks flushed, and her already unruly hair was a mess as his hands were still tangled up in the locks.
“What are you doing?” she whispered.
“Kissing you. Here, let me try that again.”
She disentangled herself from his body and took a step back in the small space. “Why did you do that?”
“Hell if I know.”
“You're unbelievable,” she said, pushing past him and leaving the confines of the small laundry room.
“Nat,” Chase said, following her through the house. She was booking it through the living room and right out the front door. He purposely didn't catch up with her, because he didn't know what he was going to say.
They were outside, walking across the vast expanse of gravel that separated the two houses. The moon waned and he barely made her out in the night. He stopped when she whirled around.
“I can't believe you did that.”
“It was that bad, huh? Because I gotta to tell you, for me, it was holy shit, Natalie.”
She threw her hands up in the air and muttered something unintelligible before making off toward her house. Just as abruptly, she turned back to him again. “Bad, Chase? Of course, it wasn't bad.”
“Then what's the problem?” he asked, already knowing the answer.
“The problem, Chase, it that it's ten years too late!”
The words felt like a slap in his face. She turned and started back to her house. Chase followed her but stopped at the bottom of the porch steps.
“Nat,” he said. He had no right to kiss her, but he hadn't exactly been thinking with his head. Well, not the right head.
She turned around and pursed her lips. Chase braced himself for verbal assault, but instead she launched herself at him with her whole body pressing up against him, sliding her fingers into his hair to better clutch his mouth to hers. She kissed him with all she had, and before he had a chance to get his arms around her, she retreated two steps.
“Unbelievable,” she said, her chest rising and falling with labored breaths. And then she turned around, walked right into her house, and slammed the door in his face.
“The good kind of unbelievable?” he asked.


Can't wait for more?
CRAZY FOR YOU, Divine Island Book Two
Releases June 14th

Julie Ann Levin grew up in Miami, Florida. She graduated from Florida State University with a degree in English, majoring in Creative Writing. She loves to read all genres of Romance and especially loves contemporary, suspense, and paranormal.

She is known to binge read and is always binge writing.

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