Thursday, May 12, 2016

Book Club Thursday: Free Day! May 12th, 2016

Hi Readers! It's Book Club Thursday and we are glad that you are here to join us. This week is our Free Day!
     I thought that I would review a historical romance for my selection. I admit, that I don't always get a chance to read them as much as I would like. Avon has a lot of great historical authors. Some are old favorites and some are new to me. And let's face it, the historicals have some of the most beautiful covers and they beg "read me." One series that has been calling to me is the Wicked Quills of London by new to me author, Eva Leigh. Though it is the third book of the series, TEMPTATIONS OF A WILDFLOWER can easily be read as a stand alone.

Temptations of a Wildflower
The Wicked Quills of London Book #3
Eva Leigh
Avon Publishers
April 2016

     In society circles she’s known as the Watching Wallflower—shy, quiet, and certainly never scandalous. Yet beneath Lady Sarah Frampton’s demure façade hides the mind of The Lady of Dubious Quality, author of the most titillating erotic fiction the ton has ever seen. Sarah knows discovery would lead to her ruin, but marriage—to a vicar, no less—could help protect her from slander. An especially tempting option when the clergyman in question is the handsome, intriguing Jeremy Cleland.
     Tasked with unmasking London’s most scandalous author by his powerful family, Jeremy has no idea that his beautiful, innocent bride is the very woman he seeks to destroy. His mission must remain a secret, even from the new wife who stirs his deepest longings. Yet when the truth comes to light, Sarah and Jeremy’s new found love will be tested. Will Sarah’s secret identity tear them apart or will the temptations of his wallflower wife prove too wicked to resist?

I'm glad that I answered the call to read Temptations Of A Wallflower. It's an engaging story that had me turning page after page. Sarah was a wallflower, ignored by most of the male members of the ton because she was shy and quiet (aka smart and not worried about the hypocrites of high society). Society didn't know that the mild-mannered Sarah had a wild side, she wrote erotica under an assumed name, The Lady of Dubious Quality. Though a lot of society was gobbling up the books, Sarah and her wealthy family would be ruined if society found out who wrote the sensational stories.
     Jeremy is the son of a wealthy family also, but he is the third born son, so he is the spare of the spare to the heir. Which meant that dad held the purse strings and picked his career for him-a country vicar. Go dad! Dad wants to find out who the nasty person is that is ruining society with the tawdry writing, so he sends Jeremy to London town to expose the writer. Then his purse-strings will loosen up a little. 
     Sarah and Jeremy meet and keep running into each other, becoming friends. They both know nothing more can come of their friendship even though there are sparks between them. And of course Sarah has her secret. So what do two people do when they should stay just friends? Yep. Get married.
     Jeremy is a nice man, handsome with a good heart. Not an alpha, but he does care for Sarah.  He does tick me off in a scene though. Sarah is the star of this book. She was so smart when it came to getting her manuscripts to the publisher to hide her identity. She also thinks that a woman should be able to enjoy her sexuality with her husband. The love scenes between the newlywed couple are playful and sexy. I love how the author makes you feel for Sarah and her writing and how it is so much an important part of her. I really enjoyed this story and I am definitely going to pick up the two previous novels. One of the heroines writes a gossip newspaper and the other writes for the theater. And Eva Leigh does a wonderful job writing about writers!

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Thanks for stopping by. I hope you join us next week, May 19th, when we are reading one of our Catching Up With authors, Sherrilyn Kenyon. Until then, Happy Reading!


  1. Nice review! This sounds good!

    1. I really liked it and I liked the writers style. She is also Zoe Archer.

    2. I really liked it and I liked the writers style. She is also Zoe Archer.