Thursday, March 24, 2016

Book Club Thursday: March Reading Challenge

Hi Readers! Thanks for joining us at Book Club Thursday. Join my fellow blog team members and I as we bring you this month's Reading Challenge. My March Reading Challenge: Read An E-Book. I picked SWEET HAVEN by Shirlee McCoy.

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Zebra Publishing

Inside The Covers:

In Benevolence, Washington, the Lamont family's irresistible handmade chocolates are a cherished tradition--and always a reason to celebrate. And now they're giving the three Lamont sisters, one by one, delicious chances to start again, make a change, and have their sweetest dreams come true...

Neighbors who care, a peaceful routine--accountant Adeline Lamont is glad some things about her beloved hometown never change. But when her grandfather is injured, she has to run the family store, Chocolate Haven, and make its legendary fudge. Trouble is, she can't get the recipe right to save her life--or Chocolate Haven. And she doesn't need her ornery new tenant, Sinclair Jefferson, stirring up the pot with his help--and daring Addie to taste her wild side…

Once Sinclair gets his hapless brother back on track, he's leaving Benevolence for good this time. He's made his life far away from his irresponsible family and their scandals. Trouble is, he can't quite stay away from Addie's optimism, enticing plus-size curves, and kindness to those who need it most. But they don't seem to have a thing in common--except that Addie's passion for chocolate, and for Benevolence, is just as contagious as Sinclair's passion for her. Maybe small-town life has its charms after all…

     This is a sweet small town romance and first in a new series. I previously read one of Ms McCoy's books from her Apple Valley series which I enjoyed a lot.
    Addie is an accountant who is taking care of her grandfather's candy shop until he gets back on his feet. Sinclair used to live in town but didn't look back when he left years ago.  He is back in town to help his brother out. Both think they are here in Benevolence on a temporary basis, but fate and attraction have them both giving their old hometown a second glance.
     Addie has a heart of gold, but her mother never sees that and she always brings up her two sisters to throw in her face. Sinclair left town and made something of himself. I like how he dealt with being the child of an alcoholic. He had a lot of strength despite the bad memories and he loves his brother. Sinclair tries to avoid Addie and keeps telling her he's can't give her more than a short fling, but the foolish mortal can't help thinking about her. The longer he's there the more their lives entwine.

      This story has like-able characters, a small little mystery, and a giant escape artist puppy named Tiny who loves to eat shoes. To me, it was a sweet small town romance and an easy read. I liked Addie and Sinclair, but it was missing something that I can't put my finger on. Maybe it was the little mystery that didn't quite fit. But it didn't prevent me from enjoying the story or put me off from reading the next in the series. All in all, I thought it was a solid good, not great little romance.

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Thanks for stopping by for this weeks BCT. Stop by next week, March 31st and see what we have going. And there is still time to enter the contest for an E-book copy of RECIPE FOR KISSES by Michelle Major. Good Luck and Happy Reading!



  1. I enjoyed the one book of hers I read of hers. This one looked good. I will have to be adding it to my list! Nice review!

    1. It was a solid read. I enjoyed it, but it had some minor issues. I would read another in the series.

  2. Nice review- I almost read this one for the Tasty Tour.

  3. I didn't have time to read it for Tasty. I enjoyed her last book so I wanted to try this out.