Thursday, February 4, 2016

Book Club Thursday:Clearing Off The Shelves

Hi Readers! Welcome to this week's Book Club Thursday. We have lots of new titles and reviews for you this year. You will notice that my fellow BCT bloggers and I are freshening up our look. I hope you like it.
     This week, we are again Clearing Off The Shelves. You know how it is, that TBR pile that's been growing for years. When we run our clearing, we will be choosing our category (see our BCT Tab above) and it must be at least six months old. I know my title qualifies this month. My pick is Paranormal/Sci-fi and it was published in 1997. The title: ONE BRIGHT STAR by Mickee Madden.

One Bright Star
Author: Mickee Madden
Published February, 1997
Pinnacle Publishers

Inside The Covers:
As journalist Brehan Tucker leaves her old--and thus far unsuccessful--life behind, she finds herself enveloped in a radiant white light. The next thing she knows, a man's powerful arms are surrounding her. His name is Erth, and he's handsome and charming. The only problem is that he is an alien.

My Review & Thoughts

It's been a long time since I've read a paranormal romance under the sci-fi genre. I'm glad that I dug this one out. First in a trilogy, ONE BRIGHT STAR offers an exciting start. Brehan and her friends are already in trouble when they are abducted and beamed onto a spaceship. While her friends are getting their minds made happy about their new future, Brehan is fighting things tooth and nail. It doesn't help that their is another presence inside her mind.
     The aliens look like any other handsome people on earth. They are in need of earth woman to procreate with them and have children. Their system has the aliens help the earth women find a compatible male. Brehan isn't having any part of it, but Erth, (seriously? lol) is fascinated by her.
     The story has lots of action  with good world building, and you have to cut Brehan some slack with her situation. Erth is a leader and he knows she is meant to be his, but it's hard dealing with this and the war his people are fighting against his evil half-brother. It's an enjoyable read even if I am not a fan of some of the  spacey names, but you can't expect John and Mary in outer space. The next two books were with a different publisher and hard to find, but I have them and can't wait to see how things fare in book #2, WRITTEN IN THE STARS. This was a good way to forget about the cold weather and enjoy a few winter evenings reading something different.

Thanks for joining us this week. I hope you liked our picks. Join us next week, February 11th, when we are having a Free Day. I hope you stop by to visit the other BCT members. It's easy, I provided their links below. Until next week: HAPPY READING!


  1. I remember this one. I really loved her books when I read them.