Thursday, January 28, 2016

Book Club Thursday: Reading Challenge For January 2016

Hi Readers! Welcome back to this week's Book Club Thursday. This is the start of the year and it's time for this year's first Reading Challenge of 2016!
     Each month, my fellow BCT members and I will each pick a year full of challenges that will make it fun for us bookworms.

My Reading Challenge Pick:
Read A New To Me Author

Author: Lori Roberts
Available Now at most outlets
Published by Canterbury House

Carly and Austin Tabor relocated from the Mile High City of Denver to the Low Country of Charleston, purchasing a diamond-in-the-rough home on historic King Street. As soon as the couple takes possession of their home, unexplained noises and a trio of spirits lead Carly to seek the help of sensitive, Delaney Warrick, to understand why the ghosts are unable to find rest. Searching through the historical records of the city, Delaney learns the ghosts are the original owners, Andrew and Celeste Pettigrew, who were murdered in Carly's front parlor two hundred years prior. Carly and Delaney must solve the mystery of why the couple's home is also being haunted by the surly dock worker, Benjamin Hastings. Carly and Delaney enlist the help of paranormal investigators to find out why the ghosts won't leave the scene of their murders, and find that a fourth spirit, orphan Freddy Richards, was hiding in the house when the murders took place. Is Freddie the final piece to the puzzle? Will Carly and Delaney unlock the secrets that will free the spirits to find peace?

My Review Thoughts

I love ghost stories and watching paranormal ghost hunter shows so this story called to me. Set in Charleston, South Caroline, Carly and her husband buy a historical 200 year old home which they want to fix up so that they can start a family. As soon as renovations start, odd things begin to happen and Carly begins to hear noises and crying in the night.
     This isn't a dark and scary creepy ghost story, but there are a number of ghosts. One in particular is dangerous. After meeting and befriending a sensitive named Delaney, Carly learns that there was a murder in her home centuries ago.
     It is a good story and moves along as they find out more about what happened years ago. I loved how even though he didn't experience anything himself at first, Austin was open-minded to what Carly was dealing with. A times the story is a bit repetitive, but the like-able characters including some of the ghosts kept me turning the pages. I liked the friendship that developed between the women and the true mystery which is quite sad. All in all it is was a pretty good read and I would most likely read another story by Ms. Roberts.

I hoped that you liked my pick this week. I can't wait to see what my friends have chosen for their first Reading Challenge pick. Please stop by and visit.

My Fellow Bookworms and Their Blog Links:

I hope that you will join us next week, February 2nd, when we will again be Clearing Off The Shelves. Thanks for joining us. Until then, Happy Reading!


  1. Nice review. Never heard of the author before.

    1. Me either. And I love ghosts stories so I picked her.

  2. I'm just trying to figure out what challenge you did unless I missed you stating it... and I'm too lazy to go look and the list! Lol. I've never of this author either

  3. I'm just trying to figure out what challenge you did unless I missed you stating it... and I'm too lazy to go look and the list! Lol. I've never of this author either

    1. OOps! I just updated my pick. Brain Toot! lol

  4. I wanted to thank you for reading my third novel, Cries in the Night, for your book pick. Thank you for your kind review as well. Happy reading!