Thursday, January 14, 2016

Book Club Thursday for January 14, 2016: Free Day!

    Hi Readers! Welcome to this week's Book Club Friday. Today, we are having a Free Day.
    Each month, my fellow BCT bloggers and I will be featuring  all kinds of topics, authors, and reviews. This week, we are having a Free Day, where each member will post whatever she wants for the week (book related, of course,lol).
     I love animals, especially dogs. D D Ayres writes a wonderful series, K-9 Rescue about special dogs. They are those special canines that are trained to become service dogs to those in the military and/or law enforcement. So this week, I am reviewing PRIMAL FORCE by D. D. Ayres.

Published September 2015 by St. Martin's

Passion is always worth fighting for…

Jori Garrison trains dogs for Warrior Wolf Pack, which provides service animals for disabled veterans. Four years ago, she was wrongly convicted of a crime—thanks to her no-good ex-fiancé. Now she just wants to live her life in peace with her beloved dogs. No men, no complications. But it’s hard to play it cool when a lethally hot male is on her tail—and the attraction is fierce, mutual, and dangerous…


Lauray "Law" Batisse is a Military Police veteran who was wounded in Afghanistan. Haunted by the loss of his K-9 partner in combat, he’s reluctant to accept a service dog named Samantha into his life. But once he meets her trainer—the gorgeous Jori Garrison—he can’t fight his primal instincts. And neither can Jori. This sexy alpha male might be the only man strong enough to unleash her desires. And when unseen enemies start hunting them down, he and his new K-9 partner might be her only hope… to survive.

Free Day Review Thoughts

This is a wonderful fast-paced romantic suspense series. And yes, I am addicted to it. Ms Ayres love of dogs shines thru each story and these animals are more than window dressing as co-stars aka scene stealers.
     Law Batisse was seriously wounded overseas and he lost his canine partner. He meets Jori who trains dogs for a program that trains dogs who help returned soldiers with problems like PTSD.
     Law is a hard ass alpha and was sometimes a bit of a jerk at the beginning of the story.He doesn't feel he needs any help and tries to cope alone. There is no way he wants to be paired with a "cheese doodle" named Samantha, a golden retriever/poodle mix. Jori wasn't sure the two belonged together either, but Samantha picked Law. Law couldn't get rid of Samantha, she wouldn't let him,lol. He couldn't stop his attraction to Jori,either. Jori has some major problems of her own. Wrongfully convicted of a crime she didn't commit, she is in the training program which helps women in trouble. Soon, danger comes looking for Jori and Law knows he has no choice but to help the woman who is quietly stealing his heart.
     I thought the suspense in the story was good and fast paced and I love the sparks between Law and Jori. Ms Ayres writing lets you understand and really feel for the lives of soldiers who have returned home from service and the problems our men and women in the military face. Heart-warming scenes were provided by Samantha as she too worked her magic on Law. 
     If you like police or military heroes, canine companions, and well written romantic suspense, you will like this series. Each book can be read as a stand alone also and the stories don't have to be read in any order. It's the K-9 that link the series and it is fun learning about these service dogs- all different breeds and all so special to their human friends!

I hope you enjoyed our Free Day Selections this week. Stop by next week, January 21st, when we will be getting Caught Up on author Heather Graham. Don't forget to visit my Book Club Buddies at their blogs, links provided here below. Happy Reading!

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  1. I know how much you like her. I haven't yet tried her books. I really have to get to them. Nice review!

  2. I think you would like her books. And Samantha!

  3. She's a good author, but I'm behind!

    1. She is good. At least you can read them as stand alone. I wish more series were like this!