Thursday, December 17, 2015

Book Club Thursday: Year End Reading Challenge Giveaway!

Hi Readers! I am so glad you are joining us this week. We Book Club Thursday Bloggers have enjoyed doing the Reading Challenge this year and hope that you enjoyed it, too! The year has gone by so fast and it's hard to believe that this is the final challenge of the year. Don't forget to enter this month's Giveaway. We are giving away an E-book copy of KISS OF AN ANGEL by Janelle Denison. It goes with my final challenge of the year: Read a book with Kiss or Love in the title. And yes, right now I have an earworm singing Lips of an Angel by Hinder going thru my head!

The last thing J.T. Rafferty expected when he awoke from a concussion was to find a beautiful stranger tending to his wounds. She’d saved his life, but the lovely Caitlan Daniels had some serious explaining to do – like how she’d ended up on his isolated ranch, miles from civilization. Despite his wariness, J.T. is increasingly drawn to Caitlan. She is passionate and independent and utterly enchanting – but Caitlan also has a secret. And when J.T. finally discovers the shocking truth, he’ll have to defy heaven and earth to keep her close to his heart.

This book is a classic styled romance published originally under the name HEAVEN'S GIFT back in 1995 by Love Spell publishers. This was their Angel's Touch story series by varied authors. It's a sweet and old fashioned love story with a light paranormal storyline. I hope you enjoy it. Stop on by and visit us next week December 24th when we each will have a review for a favorite Christmas story.

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