Thursday, July 23, 2015

Book Club Thursday for July 23, 2015: FREEDAY!

Hi Readers. Thanks for stopping by this weeks BCT. This week, we are having a Free Day where each BCT blogger is free to pick her own topic.
     For myself, I decided to go waaay back in my vaults and pick something to read from the depths of my TBR pile. Back in the 90's, Silhouette had a short-lived line of paranormal romance reads called Silhouette Shadows. That was before today's wide selection of paranormals, back in the 90's the pickings were pretty slim. A lot of popular romance authors had a book or two in this line. Anne Stuart, Rachel Lee, Heather Graham and Carla Cassidy come to mind. Maggie Shayne wrote her popular Twilight series started here and she still adds to the series until this day. They even made a TV movie out of one story called Treacherous Beauties by Cheryl Emmerson. It starred Emma Sams from General Hospital fame. She played Holly. I know you remember,lol.
     Well anyway, I picked DREAM A DEADLY DREAM by Allie Harrison, creepy cover and all. It was published in 1993. And it's not a bad story at all. Kate McCoy finds herself having some pretty steamy dreams and when she wakes up they seemed so real. So what do you do when a stranger comes pounding on your door and it's the man from those dreams?
     Jake thought he was going crazy but he traveled two hours to find the woman he'd been dreaming about ever since he started restoring an old carousel from the early 1900's. Neither of them understand what is going on, but they decide to join together to piece the puzzle together after a wary start.
     Then Kate starts to have visions of a man and woman named Kaitlan and Jacob, dressed in clothes from days gone by, centering around the town where Jake lives and the carousel. Soon the mystery grows as Jake too gets visions and they both realize a crime was committed. Are they reincarnated, or  are forces using them to get justice? 
     Well, I can't tell you anymore than that, you will just have to find a copy yourself at your favorite used book store. Or buried deep on your TBR pile. All in all, it was an interesting little story and it kept me turning the pages. I know that I am going to have to read more of these older gems in the line.

Midnight Lover
He came to her in the dead of night, eerily intimate yet utterly unknown, this stranger she called by name. In her midnight imaginings, he caressed her body, laid claim to her soul, silently whispering of long ago lives chilled into silence.

The Morning After
Then came the dawn, and her illusory lover appeared at her door, giving life to her darkest fantasies. Kate McCoy was lured to this mysterious man as they shared an ancient love - resurrected in a turn-of-the-century nightmare that overshadowed the present. Could Kate truly trust in their mutual memories, or had this stranger come to her in a timeless passion...only to repeat some tragic, terrifying past?

Thanks for stopping by this week. Let us know what you've been reading.  Don't forget to see what the other Book Club Thursday  members picked for their Free Day. Join us next week, July 30th when we each will be reviewing a historical romance.

Romancing the Readers-Ann

Born to Read Books-Cyndi


  1. Oh boy you went way back there to find something to read! I loved that line. I most likely have some of them boxed up. Good pick for this week!

    1. Thanks! If you buy them, you shall read them,lol!

  2. I think I have this one... Unless your copy came from me when I was clearing out all my shelves. Ha ha. Good review

  3. I think I have this one... Unless your copy came from me when I was clearing out all my shelves. Ha ha. Good review

    1. I collected the whole series. It was in one of those clear sleeves that the used book stores we used to hunting in used. I might try her other one she had too...if I can find it,lol.