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TEMPT THE NIGHT by Dixie Lee Brown Virtual Book Tour February 23rd-March 20th Excerpt & Giveaway!

Tempt the Night
Trust No One # 5
By: Dixie Lee Brown
Releasing February 24th, 2015
Avon Impulse

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Dixie Lee Brown concludes her thrilling Trust No One series with the fast-paced tale of a damaged hero and the sexy fugitive he can't help falling for.
Samantha "Mac" McCallister barely believes her own tale of dirty cops and murder that landed her in the hands of the sexy Jim Brady. One minute she was enjoying a ride-along in her best friend's cruiser, the next he's dead and she's wanted for his murder. Mac never expected to be hiding out from the law, but with Jim by her side, maybe she can survive long enough to clear her name. The question is, can she survive the way Jim makes her feel?

Former Navy Seal Jim Brady works best under pressure. At least he used to. Now, fighting flashbacks from his time in Iraq, he has given up everything he knows in order to protect the innocent … from himself. So working with a woman on the run from the law? Not in his plans for this lifetime. Still, something about the blue-eyed beauty tells him she's not the source of the danger—she's running from it. Deep down he knows he'll protect her no matter what. But his heart? That's another story.

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Author Info

DIXIE LEE BROWN lives and writes in Central Oregon, inspired by what she believes is the most gorgeous scenery anywhere. She resides with two dogs and a cat, who make sure she never takes herself too seriously. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, movies, and trips to the beach.

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“Mac? Are you still at Wagner’s?” Lucas’s voice rose for a second before his customary calm returned. “I’ll call it in. Stay on the line, Mac.”
“No…I can’t. I have to help him. Tell them to hurry, Lucas.” She dropped the phone and smiled at Paddy even though her heart was aching. “They’ll be here in no time. Now, let’s get this bleeding stopped.” She glanced around and spotted a stack of towels near a sink. Jumping up, she grabbed several of them. As she knelt beside him again and began applying pressure to his wounds, he put his hand to his throat and formed words with his lips, but, except for his frustrated grunts, no sounds came out.
Mac placed her fingers on his lips and held his gaze until he quieted. “Tell me later, after they get you patched up.” There were a thousand questions she wanted to ask, but now wasn’t the time.
The fear that grew in his eyes almost did her in. Slowly, he slid his hand to his badge and pulled it free. He pressed it against her hand frantically, until she had to leave the towel and take it from him. Next he reached for his gun and became highly agitated when it wasn’t in his holster.
“It’s okay, Paddy. It’s by the door. I saw it on my way in.”
If she had let him, he would have crawled over to retrieve it. After ordering him to lie still, she went and got the weapon. He was pulling a business card from his front shirt pocket when she knelt beside him again, and he shoved it at her along with the gun she tried to put in his holster. She had no idea why he wanted her to have those items, only that he was calmer when she gave in and held them in her hands.
Too calm. Paddy’s eyes fell shut and his breathing reduced to a shallow inhale with no apparent exhale. Where was that damn ambulance? Didn’t they know her best friend’s life was leaking out through her fingers?
“Stay with me, Paddy. You hear? You’re going to owe me big time when you’re back on your feet. I’m going to take you up on that trip to Hawaii you’re always yammering about.” She was only talking to give him something to hold onto, but hope sparked within her when a tiny trace of a smile flitted across his face.
Mac heard something downstairs and then voices. The backup Lucas had called for had finally arrived. She was about to scramble to her feet, go to the door, and holler for them when Paddy caught her wrist with more strength than he should have had. The gaze that met hers was clear and purposeful.
“Help has arrived.” She tried to pull free, but he held her tightly and slowly wagged his head from side to side. Glancing toward the door again, she tensed. “Do you think the perps are coming back?”
Paddy nodded. Then, with deliberate intent, he motioned toward the other side of the room with his eyes, once…twice…three times, and mouthed a word she couldn’t mistake.
Her gaze turned in the direction he indicated. Like any other kids who’d grown up in Sitka and spent any time with old man Wagner in his fish packing plant, they were both intimately familiar with his office.
She faced Paddy again. “You want me to hide in the dumbwaiter?”
He nodded and swept his eyes that direction again as though trying to hurry her.
“You’re crazy if you think I’m going to leave you.” She turned away as tears filled her eyes.
Still grasping her wrist, he pulled her down and toward his face until his lips hovered by her ear. “Do… it… for… me.”


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