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Book Club Thursday: Is That A Tail? August 21, 2014

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     Welcome back to Book Club Thursday. I am sure you have noticed our theme recently has been paranormal and shifter romance. What's your favorite kind of shifter? Do you like a strong and protective wolf? How about a sleek and lethal panther. Then of course, there are the cuddly grizzly bears.
     Or maybe that polar bear hybrid that plays hockey?
     The paranormal genre is filled with plenty of shifter stories. Why are we so fascinated by a man sharing his body with an animal spirit. Sometimes, they are guides. Sometimes they are part of a long ago curse. And sometimes, they guide the hero into finding the hero his long awaited mate... whether he likes it or not.
      Each shifter author puts her own spin on their tale. I like a shifter that turns (often painfully) into his animal. Some of these "beasts" take control of the human side, especially if the hero is resisting the sexy human female as his mate. He worries about hurting her so he keeps her at arms length, yet he will move heaven and earth if someone is trying to harm her.
     Another good example is the genetically enhanced human, experimented on (not always voluntarily) by scientists under the thumb of an undercover military group. They sometimes can only partially shift or instead have superhuman strength, senses, or enhanced sex drive. Lora Leigh's Breeds are a great example. Alpha males and their sexy mate driven wild by their mating heat. Super sexy.
     Why would a human woman be drawn to such a man/beast? The heart wants what the heart wants. In a skilled writer, revealing the secret to a non-shifter can be quite emotional. Fear of betrayal of his kind or his own heart if she rejects him are a problem. And what if his animal doesn't like her or is too rough. And then again, there is the joy and beauty in a scene when the human meets the animal side. Recognizes the man by the love in  his different, yet familiar eyes as she runs her fingers through his silky hair and experiences the wonder of his trust as the secret is revealed.
     Of course, shifters do fall for other shifters. Mercy Thompson is a bad-ass coyote who recently married the wolf pack leader in a series by Patricia Briggs. Some women don't even know they have shifter blood in them. And Shelly Laurenston blends humor and crazy hybrid combinations in some of her shifter stories. And the females are just as strong, or stronger than their mates.
     So what are your favorite shifters and who are your favorite shifter writers? It's great to exchange new finds. And don't forget to see what my fellow BCT bloggers take on shifters this week.

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Join us again next week, August 28th. We will be reviewing the shifter story: No Ifs, Ands, Or Bears About It by Celia Kyle!


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  1. Of all paranormal shifters are my favorite. So many different types of them!