Thursday, May 8, 2014

Book Club Thursday: What Happens @RT Stays @ RT

Memories Of One Of The Greatest Conventions on the Planet!

Welcome to this weeks Book Club Thursday. My BFF Book Bloggers and I are, and always have been, crazy for books. We have sold them, traded them, and reviewed them. Our homes are filled with shelves and bookcases full of them. And when we want to buy some more of the latest books, we go to the best source of new releases coming out, RT Magazine. Formerly Romantic Times Magazine, RT expanded to offer reviews of all genres you could want. And each year RT throws one heck of a party where readers, writers, and publishers all come together to share their love of all things BOOK.

This years convention will be in the Big Easy, New Orleans.

Alas, I won't be able to attend this year, but I still have great memories of the conventions I have attended with my friends.

The convention offers something for everyone. There are seminars for budding writers, new writers can pitch their stories to the many Publishers attending, rooms to Meet & Great the authors, lunches, dinners, and many more events. There are rows of bling and goodies provided by the authors to publicize their next book. And to cap it off, almost every night there is a party going on. Vampire Ball, anyone?
     One of my favorite things is the meet & greet times. Where else could you meet Sherilyn Kenyon before she was a superstar or have Cherry Adair have you laughing hysterically as she tells you about coming to the USA when she was first starting out? 
     The three of us went to Kansas City where the hotel had its own mall and we loaded up on fresh black licorice. There was also a rodeo convention in town so we met cowboys as well as the cover models and tried chocolate martini's for the first time. The hotel had the nicest bedding and softest pillows, but it took them days to deliver more TP, so we had to steal a couple of rolls from the lobby powder room. 3 women in a room for a week with only one roll, what were they thinking? LOL But it was hysterical.
     I've been to two different conventions in Florida, but I think one of my favorites was the one in Chicago in 2012. The hotel staff was amazing, and it was probably one of the best organized and trouble free of any that I attended. And as booksellers, we got a special meeting with J R Ward. How cool is that?
    So memories, I have so many of them. Eating bowls of chili at Johnny Rockets, my friends and I almost getting run over by women stampeding over those in the front of the line for the Cover Model Show. One year, the owner of RT magazine, Katherine Falk, took pity on me walking around with a 2 ' stack of books and helped me pack them up into my bag. Making new friends, dancing unto the wee hours, eating this amazing chocolate dessert in KC, being swept off my feet by the cologne one of the cover models wore, and watching superstar authors go from hardly any visits at their tables to extra long lines wrapped around the room at the gigantic BOOK FAIR. While you are there, you probably get 3 hours of sleep each night and your feet will be killing you, but you wouldn't miss it for the world.
     And the best memory of all is spending that special time with my friends, Ann and Cyndi as we share our special addiction. Yeah, great memories.

I can't wait to see what my friends shared about RT. Next week, our blogs will be New Orleans related and in future weeks, there are going to be some great Giveaways! Let us know what you think and please share your comments. And don't forget to take a look at my friends' blogs, too.


  1. I remember that first year in KC. And yeah, I did -AHEM- take a few rolls from that lavatory! LOL And we have yet to find licorice as good as that candy shop had! And yeah Chi-Town was great and part of it was because it was literally just about right down the street! I'm sorry you'll miss this year but follow along with us on FB and all that!

    1. I so badly want more of that licorice! It was so GOOD!

  2. The first year we went Karen was one of the best. Spending all that time with Cherry Adair made us feel special. We also spent time with Gennita Low when she was just Gen, before she became a author. So many good memories of the three of us going. We will miss you this year.

  3. I was such a PILL the first year all of us went! LOL But not anymore! ;p

  4. There is something good to remember at each one. Sharon Sala is never there the the years I can go,lol. It was fun people watching and watching some of those crazy women stalking John DeSalvo. Hmmm. I wonder if that candy store still exists in KC? Remember how aloof Dara Joy was with her entourage? So many things to remember. I'll miss you both but have a great time!