Thursday, May 22, 2014

Book Club Thursday-May 22, 2014 Time for a GIVEAWAY!

Hi and welcome back to Book Club Thursday! We are going to do a little something different this week. Instead of a review, for this weeks blogs, we are sponsoring a GIVEAWAY. My fellow bloggers just returned from the fabulous RT Convention in New Orleans and so they returned with tons of SWAG from some of the great authors that participated in this years event. Don't forget to check out their blogs, too.

Here are some of the items in this weeks GIVEAWAY! The contest starts at noon CST May 22nd thru noon May 29th, 2014. Open to US residents only.

Highlighted bag contents:

Copy of All Lined Up by Cora Carmack

Various Post it notes 

Various Author Promo materials

Julie Kenner goodies

1001 Dark Nights Promo Items

Drink Koozie 

Thanks to all the authors for their goodies. Don't forget to enter and comment below. And don't forget to visit us again next week on May 29th. Our topic will be It's A Vamp Thing. See you then. We look forward to hearing from you all.


  1. Awww, it's like having a little piece of RT even if you didn't get to go. :) I've never been to RT, would love to go some day though! Not next year though, I've got a lizard phobia and it's gonna be in TX. LOL.

    1. It is so much fun. Lots of the things to do, except sleep! LOL

  2. You should go. Sometimes we don't ever leave the hotel site :)