Thursday, May 15, 2014

Book Club Thursday: It's A New Orleans Thing

Welcome back to this weeks edition of Book Club Thursday: It's A New Orleans Thing! Join my fellow bloggers and I this week as we share our love of reading romances set in NOLA. 

New Orleans is one of the most unique cities in the world. Creole, Cajun, great food and music; these are some of the things that people think of when they think of this great party town. But there is a dark side here as well. It is a place where the paranormal abounds: Voodoo queens, ghosts, crazed killers, vampires, and loup garou. Many authors have been inspired by this wonderful mix of sin, sex, and the roller coaster of life. Lisa Jackson, Heather Graham (and her pseudonym Shannon Drake), Sherrilyn Kenyon...the list goes on and on.And yes, I have bought many books when I found the setting is New Orleans, especially paranormal or suspense. This decadent city just draws people in. So I am going to share the titles of some of my favorite New Orleans novels.




The list goes on and on. New Orleans is not a "nice" city. It is raw and edgy, full of adventure and mystery. So what are some of your favorite books set in NOLA? We love to here from you so please leave comments for us. And don't forget to check out my friends blogs at the links on the top of the page. Right now, they are attending the RT Convention 2014 in...New Orleans! Don't forget to come back next Thursday  May 22nd when we sponsor another GIVEAWAY, NOLA style.