Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Sexy New Read by Susan Arden

Here is a story that will warm you up on a frosty fall night.

An ancient law permits a Midnight Lycan to bond with spellcaster. A woman who he will protect until the end of time. 

Sherry Delacroix is a third level spellcaster. Quinn Rothschild, a rare wolf shifter; a purebred Midnight Lycan. They work together at the Downtown Den and unknowingly are fated as mates in a mystical union. To unleash the power of this liaison requires a precarious event, unlocking their instinct to bond. 

A rip in the energy shield within the Denver ley line have Dark Fae crossing realms, hungry to harness enough power to bring down the worldwide shield. It's up to Sherry to repair the break before the Fae find her. And it's up to Quinn to keep her safe. 

When Sherry's friend is kidnapped, she comes out of hiding to face the enemy. Only the person lurking in the shadows isn't who she expected to find as the face of evil. 

Never mind about keeping enemies near when the person you least suspect wants you dead. 

Time Traveling Spellcaster


   He glared at the back of the man’s head, then noticed the rippling of the driver’s skin. It wasn’t the sign of shifter. This type of creature existed, but he had not seen one for years. Quinn sniffed, inhaling deeply while pushing aside the sickening cherry odor mask. He locked onto the underlying scent. Pervasively rank, and there was only one type of creature that had this stench. He tapped on the glass separating the compartments and the driver peered into the rearview mirror. The eyes that stared back were not human and they were not shifter. Hell, vampires didn’t even possess eyes like those. No whites. Complete black cavernous pits stared back at Quinn, but then the driver looked forward as the car in front braked.
    The cab skidded to a stop. Quinn opened the cab door on the opposite side from the driver and chugged forward onto the street.
     “Shite,” he swore, skidding to a stop as a car flew in front of him. He sprinted across the two lanes of oncoming traffic. The screeching of breaks behind him got his attention. The driver U-turned the cab, staring at him as though memorizing him. Absorbing.
    Quinn did not have the luxury of pondering that messed up ride. It was the past. The present mattered. Getting his head on and back to the Den paramount. He had to get his bearings. The park was up ahead along Mile High Circle. He was about five kilometers from the Den. He took to the sidewalk and dialed Sherry’s number while keeping tabs on the traffic and people on foot.
    When she answered, he nearly shouted, “Can you leave? Right now? Weird got a whole lot weirder. What type of creatures flicker?”
    “Is this some warped game of twenty questions?”
    “No joke. Do you know? I’ve had some experiences. I got out of the cab it was concerning enough.” He didn’t want to sound an alarm if he were wrong. The Unseelie hadn’t been seen in Denver in fucking forever. He had to be wrong.
    “You said flicker?” Sherry’s voice rose. “Do you remember my last request? Quinn, words travel beyond the cell lines. Do not say another word on the subject. Where are you? I’ll pick you up.”
    “Meet me at Bryant and Mile High. There’s a hotel on the corner.”
    “I’m leaving now.”
    “Lock your door.” A sharp chill tore through his nerve endings. The Lycan in him wanted to howl. He was supposed to be the one protecting Sherry. Not the other way around. This was all wrong. If he shifted, he could make it back to the club. His instincts rallied. No. His name had been on the court sign in. It was no secret he was part owner of several LoDo businesses. Easy to track. This made sense. Sher had to leave the Den. “Do you have a gun?”
    “Flickering skin? We’ll need more than a pistol,” she whispered. “You need to take care. I’m on my way.”

My Review:

This novella was a sexy good time. Sherry is a spellcaster, with an important job of closing ley lines to make sure the Dark Fae can not enter our world.  She also manages an adult club for shifters and the otherworldly. Quinn is her boss, a Midnight Lycan, and when he realizes she is his mate, the sparks begin to fly. They sizzle and he becomes very protective of her when a betrayal leads to her needing help as the Dark Fae threaten a return.

I was given this novella for an honest review and I do recommend it to fans of paranormal erotica.

Available October 17, 2013
Publisher: Sweet and Spicy Tales
Length: Novella