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Tasty Release Blast: READY TO RUN By Lauren Layne August 22nd! Excerpt & Giveaway

Named Best Book of the Month by Amazon and iBooks 

I Do, I Don't #1
Lauren Layne
Releasing Aug 22, 2017

The Bachelor meets The Runaway Bride in this addictive romance novel about a reality TV producer falling for her would-be star: a Montana heartthrob who wants nothing to do with the show.

Jordan Carpenter thinks she’s finally found the perfect candidate for Jilted, a new dating show about runaway grooms: Luke Elliott, a playboy firefighter who’s left not one but three brides at the altar. The only problem? Luke refuses to answer Jordan’s emails or return her calls. Which is how she ends up on a flight to Montana to recruit him in person. It’s not Manhattan but at least the locals in Lucky Hollow seem friendly . . . except for Luke, who’s more intense—and way hotter—than the slick womanizer Jordan expected.

Eager to put the past behind him, Luke has zero intention of following this gorgeous, fast-talking city girl back to New York. But before he can send her packing, Jordan’s everywhere: at his favorite bar, the county fair, even his exes’ book club. Annoyingly, everyone in Lucky Hollow seems to like her—and deep down, she’s starting to grow on him too. But the more he fights her constant pestering, the more Luke finds himself wishing that Jordan would kick off her high heels and make herself comfortable in his arms.


Luke started to load up the gear and, realizing he was doing it alone, glanced over his shoulder to see where the hell his partner was.
Unsurprisingly, his friend was chatting up City Girl. Neither Charlie nor Ryan seemed to mind in the least that these two fancy pants had swooped into their town to capitalize on Luke’s past.
What was more surprising was that Jordan Carpenter was chatting right back, her smile seemingly genuine, her laugh real.
Luke ground his teeth.
He couldn’t say he’d put much thought into the woman behind the name as he’d been unceremoniously deleting her emails and voice messages, but if forced to assume, he’d have guessed aggressive shrew.
He suspected he was wrong there. Because while there was no mistaking the ambition in the woman, it wasn’t the cutthroat, ball-busting kind.
Her lean body might be all angles and long lines, but there was a softness to her as well. The way her hair did its own thing. The easiness of her smile, the quick laugh. The small but pert breasts.
Damn. He was staring.
He slammed the door shut. “Bander,” he shouted at Charlie across the lawn. “Let’s clear out.”
Charlie leaned into Jordan, whispering something in her ear that made her laugh, before walking away with a last wink.
Luke rolled his eyes. Really? This was happening?
Hey, Elliott,” Ryan called. “You want to come over for a barbecue tonight?”
Luke crossed his arms and studied his friend suspiciously, waiting for the catch. “Who’s on the guest list?”
He saw Jordan and her purple-shirt friend exchange a look. Well, that answered that question.
Damn. Ryan never had been able to resist the urge to stir up trouble.
It’s no problem if you don’t want to join us,” Jordan called out, lifting her hand to shield the afternoon sun from her eyes. “I’m sure your friends here can fill me in on everything there is to know about Luke Elliott.”
All about Luke Elliott’s romantic history was more like it. City Girl wasn’t even pretending to be coy about the reason she was here.
All former positive thoughts about her evaporated. Only the worst sort of human would use another’s failed relationships to advance her own career—for entertainment.
Luke turned away without another word, hauling himself into the driver’s seat of the truck as he waited impatiently for Charlie to get done shouting goodbye to every single person within earshot.
He drummed his thumbs against the steering wheel, refusing to even think about going to the BBQ tonight. If his friends wanted to stir up trouble, they could do so without his cooperation.
As for the two New Yorkers, they’d flame out all on their own. Weren’t East Coasters known for being impatient and fast moving?
Surely they’d be off to find some other glory-seeking asshole if he ignored them. One of the other guys could play the role for all he cared.
As Charlie hauled his ass up, Luke started the truck, his eye catching on Jordan Carpenter, who was watching him with a stubborn, determined look on her pretty face.
Damn it. She’d stir up all sorts of trouble unless he ran interference.
Luke pulled out his phone to text Ryan.
I’ll be there. Have beer.
Charlie leaned over, unabashedly reading Luke’s iPhone screen. “Ha. Knew it.”
What?” Luke glared at his friend.
Charlie grinned wider, gesturing over his shoulder. “You’ve got a boner for the hot blonde.”
Are you kidding me with this? She wants me to be the next bachelor.”
How were Ryan and Charlie not getting the absurdity of this?
Charlie shrugged. “So? Maybe it’d be good for you.”
Luke stared at his friend for a moment longer before putting the truck in drive. “The only thing that would be good for me is to push you out of this truck.”
Charlie was waving goodbye to Jordan and Simon. “See you tonight!”
Luke ground his teeth harder. He was already dreading the BBQ, but not going would only make matters worse. Clearly he needed to have a very blunt conversation with Jordan Carpenter.

Lauren Layne is the New York Times bestselling author of romantic comedies. She lives in New York City with her husband.

A former e-commerce and web marketing manager from Seattle, Lauren relocated to New York City in 2011 to pursue a full-time writing career. She signed with her agent in 2012, and her first book was published in summer of 2013. Since then, she's written over two dozen books, hitting the USA TODAYNew York Times, iBooks, and Amazon bestseller lists.

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Book Club Thursday: COVER TALK

Hi Readers! A cover is the first glimpse of a book. Sometimes they are eye-catching and make you want to immediately want to open a book and take a peek inside. Sometimes, a cover has nothing to do with the content or it ignores what the author has created inside. This week, we bloggers at BCT are sharing another COVER TALK. We have each picked a cover, but left out the title and author and we won't reveal our pick on our blog, you will get the answer on another members blog. My pick will be found on Ann's blog @ Romancing the Readers. I am revealing Cyndi's cover, and Cyndi (@Born to Read Books ) has Ann's cover info. I hope you will have fun and play along. Don't forget to tell us your guess before you visit the answering blog!

My Pick

For centuries they’ve lived in secret among northern England’s green and misted hills. Creatures of extraordinary beauty, power, and sensuality, they possess the ability to shape-shift from human to dragon and back again. Now their secret—and their survival—is threatened by a temptation that will break every boundary.

I always loved the cover of this book, mine is the hardcover version and the picture doesn't do it justice. Can you guess the title?

Now look below and see if you guessed correctly the title and author for Cyndi's cover pick!

Cyndi's Pick

Flowers in the Attic
V.C. Andrews


Such wonderful children. Such a beautiful mother. Such a lovely house. Such endless terror!
It wasn't that she didn't love her children. She did. But there was a fortune at stake--a fortune that would assure their later happiness if she could keep the children a secret from her dying father.

So she and her mother hid her darlings away in an unused attic.

Just for a little while.

But the brutal days swelled into agonizing years. Now Cathy, Chris, and the twins wait in their cramped and helpless world, stirred by adult dreams, adult desires, served a meager sustenance by an angry, superstitious grandmother who knows that the Devil works in dark and devious ways. Sometimes he sends children to do his work--children who--one by one--must be destroyed....

'Way upstairs there are
four secrets hidden.
Blond, beautiful, innocent
struggling to stay alive....



Ms. Andrews passed away in 1986. After her death, her family carefully chose a ghostwriter ( Andrew Neiderman) to continue publishing new works under the V.C. Andrews name.

August 24 - Reading Challenge

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Blog Tour: THE BILLIONAIRE'S PARADISE by Victoria Davies Stop By for an Excerpt!

the sexy billionaires series

About the Book:

Avery Clark loves her life. She travels the world doing a job that keeps her so busy she can’t think about how lonely she is or the fact that she hasn’t had day off in two years. This trip to paradise is a chance for her to get some sun and have a Mai Tai or three. That is until she runs into billionaire hotel mogul Hayden Wexton, who is absolutely one hundred percent off limits.

Hayden Wexton is a man who knows what he wants. As soon as he sees Avery, he can’t get her out of his head. He’s determined to show her life can be fun and she can still get her work done. Only, the more time he spends with her, the more she gets under his skin. That was definitely not a part of his plan.

Avery never makes mistakes, but with Hayden, well, hell, he might just be the best mistake she’s ever made.

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A warm hand cupped her elbow, sliding along her arm as she felt a solid chest at her back.


She should move. The touch was too familiar. Too reminiscent of the way he’d touched her at the gala.

Time to pull away.

She meant to. Really she did. But the spell of the light and the presence of so many other tourists calmed her instincts. Instead she let herself enjoy his presence, just for a moment.

I thought I was imagining things when I saw you over here.” The whispered words tickled her ear. “The professional Avery Clarke, caught without her suits? I didn’t think such a thing was possible.”

The professional Avery Clarke knows multiple layers and tropical temperatures are a hard mix.”

I’m all for shedding one’s clothes,” he said into her ear. “More shedding, I say.”

A finger traced the thin strap of her dress, edging it closer to falling from her shoulder.

You’re hopeless,” she sighed.

Not necessarily.” His lips brushed the naked skin of her shoulder. “There are a number of things I’m hoping for right this very instant. Most of them require less of an audience, though.”

Only most?” She shook her head, catching herself. “Stop that, or I’m finding a new palm tree to stand under.”

With a sigh, he straightened. “We could have such fun if you’d let us.”

He’s not wrong.

But nothing good could come from falling into bed with this man. One night had haunted her for weeks. How much worse would a full-blown affair be on her psyche?

Hush and enjoy the view,” she said.

Surprisingly, he did as she commanded. Together they watched the sun sink toward the horizon as the orange in the sky darkened into purple streaks. She shouldn’t feel such contentment standing in his arms, but if she closed her eyes, she could pretend for a moment that they were like all the other couples on the beach, merely enjoying each other’s presence at the end of a long day.

Of course, unlike the other couples, they wouldn’t be returning to the same room, ready to fall into bed together.

The last sliver of sun dipped below the horizon, and the crowd around them began to stir.

It’s over,” she said, stepping from his light hold. She thought she heard him sigh, but when she turned to face him, he appeared as unflappable as ever.

Time for our drink, then,” he said.

I could point out it’s a five-minute conversation we could have right here.”

His eyes were warm as he studied her. “You could,” he agreed. “But then I’d be obliged to agree, and we’d both be alone in no time flat. Is that really how you want to spend your evening?”

No, I’d love to spend it climbing you like a tree.

Mentally, she shook her head. Bad thoughts. Unhelpful thoughts.

True thoughts.



Did she really want to head back to her silent room alone? Not particularly. And where was the danger in a quick drink? She needed to make it clear to him he couldn’t seduce her. What better way to do that than appear unruffled by his attempts?

Grasping at straws, I see. I’m sure this is healthy.

One drink,” she said.

Meet the Author:

Victoria Davies’s passion for writing started young. Luckily she had a family who encouraged believing in magic and embracing imagination. From stories quickly scribbled in diaries, her love of storytelling developed. Since then her characters may have evolved and her plots may have grown decidedly more steamy but she never lost her love of the written word. Writing is not only a way to silence the wonderful voices in her head, but it also allows her to share her passions with her readers.

Connect: Site | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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Book Club Thursday: CLEARING OFF THE BOOKSHELVES August 10, 2017

Hi Readers! I can't believe how fast summer is going by. I saw Halloween decorations in a store today. Believe me, I am in no rush for cold weather to begin. This week, we BCT bloggers are Clearing Off The Bookshelves. Each of us are reading and reviewing something that has been on the TBR pile for six months or longer. This month, I am taking something off my Kindle shelf. 

My pick this month is THROUGH HER EYES by Beth Kery. It was her first published story, released in 2009, but the edition I read was from 2012 in which the author tidied up the story a bit.

Claire despises her ability to see into the future. But when her dreams include a heated encounter with a gorgeous, dominant, mysterious lover—and a spine-chilling foretelling of danger to her own life—she knows she has to make a choice between the safety of denial and the seductive passion that seems to go hand-in-hand with her own death. Having had a taste of the wild hunger that flares with her dream lover, it’s not much of a choice at all.He’s not psychic, but Des knows things Claire’s power can’t reveal. He knows about a psychopathic madman who’s set his sights on Claire, and the fact that her brainy, rational exterior hides a deeply sensual, uninhibited woman. Des also knows something else—that he will claim Claire as his.If he can keep her alive, that is.

I picked this month's pick for two reasons. The heroine in the story is a psychic and she lives in the town that I was born in, Chicago. 
     The story takes place in an old mansion in a wealthy part of the city. Claire inherited the house from her aunt with whom she was always close to and has recently passed. Her aunt was psychic and she said Claire was, too. Claire is a psychiatrist and never excepted her ability, but once she moves into the house, her "gift" is awakened through dreams.
     Now when I picked this story, I read the blurb, but the picture of the cover was tiny. This story was published by Ellora's Cave, one of the first publishers offering ebooks as well as trade. They also published erotica and a lot of good authors started here like Lora Leigh, Shiloh Walker, Maya Banks, etc. The stories are hot, spicy and sensual. There is a lot of sex and not for the faint of heart. Definitely for ages 18+.
     Imagine having the greatest sex of your life-in your dreams with someone that you haven't met yet. Claire meets Dez the next day after her dream. He knew her aunt and the heat continues between him and Claire. He isn't psychic, but he can remember bits of their shared "dreaming."Unfortunately, Claire also ended up seeing a dead woman in her dream which might be her. She has felt like she is being watched. Dez wants to help, but he has some secrets. Even though they've never met, there are things which have happened that link them together, making them destined to meet.
     The story isn't bad, especially for a first story. The bad guy is obvious, there are only a few characters in the book. It is just a matter of proving he is bad before someone gets killed. Claire and Dez were definitely hot for each other. Sometimes I liked them, and sometimes they had me shaking my head. The story was spicy, the paranormal wasn't in your face. The story is very insta-love, but I like that in erotica. There is also some suspense in the story and not just sex for sex sake. On a scale of 1-5, I would give it a 3.5 for a solid good, not great story.

This book is Ms. Kery's first book, published in 2009 by Ellora's Cave. It is not currently available as an e-book at Amazon or B & N. You may be able to find the original trade size paperback at your favorite used book store. 

August 17th-COVER TALK